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🧵Surprise! Focused Artists CEO Kristina Sutton Lennon is open to queries through June 16, 2024. Fiction
Looking for Mythology inspired Fantasy, Cozy mysteries
Hollywood Gilded Age Romantasy (Romantasy version of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo)

Amanda Ferreira
Editor, Random House Canada 🐧🏠 Chinese-Canadian • She/Her • ENTANGLED WITH AN ELF PRINCE (Oct 12/22) • #mswl adult romance, SFF, historical, mystery/thriller

I realized I haven’t updated my #mswl in a while, so here’s what I’m currently on the hunt for:

🗡️ BIPOC romantasy
💜 queer contemporary romance (drown me in tropes!)
🐉 myth retellings with a twist
🇨🇦 Canadian authors
🧭 Dan Brown-esque mystery/thrillers

Rebecca Podos
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Senior Agent at the Rees Literary Agency. Lambda Award-winning author, sometimes. FROM DUST, A FLAME out now, AT MIDNIGHT up next. Rep @ericsmithrocks She/they
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In YA and Adult:

- Fantasy rooted in folklore and culture, featuring diverse characters, myths, and monsters
- Horror as a vehicle for exploring identity, otherness, and trauma
- Fresh genre crossovers/subgenres like cozy sci-fi, horror romance, literary historical fantasy, etc.

Molly Ketcheson
Literary Agent
Agent @wolfsonliterary | St Andrews ‘22 | Creative Writing & Publishing MA | A hopeful writer | Probably listening to Taylor Swift right now
Hillary Fazzari
Literary Agent
Agent @Bradford_Agents |🗡️📜🏰 Rep’d by @HerringAli

#MSWL I'd love a non-Western✨ vampire ✨book.

MG, YA, & Adult all welcome.

For MG: likely adventure/fantasy based w/magic and/or non-Western mythology.

For the rest: fantasy set in a non-Western world w/sharp stakes & a romance.

Could be 1st or 2nd world fantasy.

Haley Casey
Literary Agent
Associate Literary Agent at CMA. Feminist. Interested in watching TV shows I've already seen and owning ALL books. All opinions are my own. (she/her)
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Bring me myth, fairytale, and classic retellings!

Bring me vibes!

Bring me:

Locked-room YA thrillers
Rivals-to-lovers tension-filled romcoms
Unbearably clever YA heroes
Romantasy with characters to die for
An MG novel full of magical creatures
Female friendships


Andrew Dugan
Literary Agent
A lit literary agent @DGandBTweets , writer of tiny emails // sauv blanc enthusiast // Fleabag obsessor

maybe it's just cause my bf and i are rereading percy jackson but where are the queer myth retellings? where are the non-Greek mythology ones? i want them pleeeeease #MSWL

Rebeka Finch
Literary Agent
Junior Agent at Darley Anderson Agency. Obsessed with all things romance! The spicier the better. All views my own

(5/7) Looking at romantasy, I'd love to explore stories, myths and cultures from across the globe. Specifically if your story is set in the desert, (high heat in every sense) or the pagan forests of viking realms, I need to read it!

Lover of puns. Editor at @crookedlanebks and @alcovepress • opinions are my own.

Romantasy is a bit of a new space, but I want stories that are steeped in folklore and mythology.
I’d like to see magical academies (Think THE MAGICIANS or FOURTH WING), pirates, intense and lush world building, and romance with high stakes.

Lover of puns. Editor at @crookedlanebks and @alcovepress • opinions are my own.

For horror, I want to be scared. I gravitate towards social and psychological horror (think WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING or MEXICAN GOTHIC)
I also love folklore and mythology. I grew up around forests and mountain ranges, so something like THIS WRETCHED VALLEY is always on my radar.

Antoinette Van Sluytman
Literary Agent
@IGLAbooks SFF junior agent. Member of AALA & MDI committee. @Antoinight author account. 🥷🏾anti-literary imperialism🥷🏾✨She/Her✨

Reaaally itching for a Martial Arts fantasy in the vein of Jade City x Ong Bak, but more female forward. Extra points if it blends mythology and anticolonial themes

Sheyla Knigge
Literary Agent
{she/her} @aalitagents literary agent, writer, reader, calendar coordinator, mother, wife of @palemoonboy .

Greek mythology/Retellings! Especially if they’re female protagonist centered and written for MG- kids are asking for that, I want to bring it to them!

Julie Crisp
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Literary agent. Represents a bunch of fabulous authors. My #MSWL is
John Baker
Literary Agent
Enthusiastic Agent at @BLM_Agency : Likes SFF&H and anything Boris wouldn't, Welsh Rugby, Indie bands I heard about way later than you. He/Him. Opinions mine.

I'd also love to see #ownvoices Latin-America-inspired mythological fantasy. It could be contemporary, historical, or a fresh retelling.

Anything featuring my favourite animal gets bonus attention.


Leah Nova Moss
Literary Agent
Associate Literary Agent @stevenliterary | Library Youth Associate | Professional Bookworm She/hers

So excited to announce that I'll be opening for queries next week on Monday!

My full #MSWL can be found on my website:

I can't wait to read your queries soon! I'll have a #MSWL thread up soon as well.

#amquerying #writingcommunity #amagenting

Antoinette Van Sluytman
Literary Agent
@IGLAbooks SFF junior agent. Member of AALA & MDI committee. @Antoinight author account. 🥷🏾anti-literary imperialism🥷🏾✨She/Her✨

Anything akin to #MDZS I'm all in for. Give me adventure, slow burns, mythology, dark lore, elevated magic systems, men with pretty hair

Natascha Morris
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Senior Lit Agent at Tobias Literary Agency, kidlit all the way. QueryManager:
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#MSWL mermaids. I am looking for a lyrical, atmospheric mermaid as if Neil Gaiman wrote The Little Mermaid. But I don't want a retelling of The Little Mermaid. Give me something new that engages with mermaid myths

Clara Foster
Literary Agent
Literary agent @AevitasUK / opinions mine etc

In the words of my publishing forebears, SOME NEWS.

Absolutely thrilled to have joined @AevitasUK as an agent! #amquerying writers, you can find my #MSWL and submit to me here:

Feather Flores
editor & maker of good trouble at Atheneum (@SimonKids / @SimonTeen ) • @diversebooks alum • #LatinxinPub • still workin’ on it 🌱🌈✨ art by @cisforfrenchfry

GENRES (2/2):
I want to see even more:
• Fantasy/sci-fi/speculative! (Yes, the whole spectrum, from magical realism to epic/high/hard)
• Myth/folklore!
• (Queer) romance!
• Mystery!
• Historical!

Gabriella Noelle
Literary Agent
There's only one me. And I'm it. | Assistant Agent/ Editorial Assistant at Great Dog Literary Agency | Consuming all the media I can | Query Me!

Very excited to announce that I will be opening my Query Manager officially next week! A link to my MSWL is in my bio, but I will also be sharing a thread of some of the things I'm looking for here. Can't wait to start reading