Melissa Edwards
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Literary Agent at @stonesongNYC . Lawyer. Lover of TV, movies, and books. Slow runner. Let Bartlet be Bartlet.
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I'd love to see more non-British historical romance in my inbox #MSWL

Clara Foster
Literary Agent
Literary agent @AevitasUK / opinions mine etc

In the words of my publishing forebears, SOME NEWS.

Absolutely thrilled to have joined @AevitasUK as an agent! #amquerying writers, you can find my #MSWL and submit to me here:

Feather Flores
editor & maker of good trouble at Atheneum (@SimonKids / @SimonTeen ) • @diversebooks alum • #LatinxinPub • still workin’ on it 🌱🌈✨ art by @cisforfrenchfry

GENRES (2/2):
I want to see even more:
• Fantasy/sci-fi/speculative! (Yes, the whole spectrum, from magical realism to epic/high/hard)
• Myth/folklore!
• (Queer) romance!
• Mystery!
• Historical!

Kristin Ostby
Literary Agent
Literary (but not particularly Twitterary) agent at Greenhouse. Former children's book editor (S&S, PRH). She/her.
Bethany Fulk Hendrix
Literary Agent
Junior Agent @HollowayLit • YA writer • Lover of all things Disney and chocolate

Fantasy is my first love, but I'd really like to see more diverse fantasy drawing from underrepresented voices/myths/folklore/worlds, etc. I'd love to see some historical fiction/fantasy/alternate history! Gothic/Horror! Spies! Heists!

Rachelle Gardner
Literary Agent
I'm a literary agent, book editor, and publishing coach. I love books, writers, and publishers - and talking incessantly about them!

Querying authors, we're looking for adult #fiction geared toward the #Christian market. Christian romance, suspense or #romanticsuspense. Historical or historical romance. No DMs. See submission guidelines here: #MSWL #Inspybooks #amwriting #ChristFic

Ashley Hearn
Editor @peachtreeteen + @peachtreepub | Liberal Southerner | Hiker | HEMA | ENFP 7w8 | Equal parts coffee, craft beer, and chaos 🌒🌓🌔
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Taking conference pitches this weekend made me realize I have a TERRIBLE NEED for queer historical YA. Not fantasy! I want real queer teens living, loving, and existing throughout the ages. If you have this, agents, I'll take them even though I'm closed to submissions! #MSWL

Kesia Lupo
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Associate Literary Agent @binderyagency . Ex Senior Editor. Writing YA @KidsBloomsbury , rep @veroniquebaxter . 80s VR thriller LET'S PLAY MURDER out now!

3. Adult fiction. Commercial genre fiction in SFF, horror, thrillers, historical, romance. In general, I tend towards high concept, plot-driven and love a twist! Please trick me.

Eric Williams
Publisher at @5310publishing spreading happiness every day through books. I'm changing the world, one book at a time! 😁 I'm a bottomless pit of information!
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- Science Fiction
- Romance (Historical And Contemporary)
- Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense
- Fantasy

Also accepting:
- Action & Adventure
- LGBTQ+ Romance

Kelly Thomas
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at Serendipity Literary Agency. Loves dogs, books, Christmas trees and true crime... in that order.

I would love a historical fiction of the real pirates of the Caribbean, featuring real people mixed with fictional characters that draws from actual events that took place around 1720. Adult, MG, or YA. Dark or light-hearted. #ManuscriptWishList #MSWL

Rose Ferrao
Literary Agent
Associate Agent @PSLiterary | formerly @orbitbooks @bloomsburybooks | Not the chocolate or the car | Lover of the weird and wondrous ✨ Views my own. she/her

Give me ALL THE ROMANCE! I’m particularly interested in contemporary and fantasy romance, but I’m open to any subgenre, including historical.

I’m a big fan of unlikely pairings, sharp Emily Henry-esque dialogue, and epistolary elements.

HEA/HFN required.

The Tobias Literary Agency
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A full-service literary agency representing authors of fiction and nonfiction.
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Stefanie Rossitto #MSWL: I want a historical fiction project on the after-war years (after World War II): Think big bands & economic expansion -I want it to be full of hope and optimism!

P.S. Literary Agency
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Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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"Time periods I like to read about: 1920s-present day. I don't read a lot of historical fiction older than that (like FOUR WINDS, OUR WOMAN IN MOSCOW, and Beatriz Williams in general)."
@carlywatters #MSWL

Antoinette Van Sluytman
Literary Agent
@IGLAbooks SFF junior agent. Member of AALA & MDI committee. @Antoinight author account. 🥷🏾anti-literary imperialism🥷🏾✨She/Her✨

A #mswl update since I’m still open to queries! Looking for martial arts fantasies with strong female leads that celebrate EA/culture. Non-western SFF inspired by mythologies. Dark fantasies with complex lore & unhinged characters. Colonizer bashing dark academia & historical fic

Samiha Hoque
💫 Earth/Environmental Sci. grad turned Acquiring Editor @shaherazadshelf 🇧🇩 Bengali-American Muslim with a passion for books, justice, & religion.
Zabé Ellor
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Bestselling author of MAY THE BEST MAN WIN🏈| SILK FIRE🐉| ACTING THE PART (12/7/22)🎥| assoc. agent @JDLitAgency | rep @RedPenKaitlyn | opinions mine | he/they
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#MSWL if anyone’s writing historical mysteries about William H. West, I would love to see them!…

Rachel McMillan
Literary Agent
book gusher! agent! scribbler ( Harper Collins) Toronto 🇨🇦

+value-based fiction (fic that will appeal to faith-based + gen market readers)
+upmarket and book club fiction
+historical fiction with a unique hook/ setting
+hallmark type holiday romance
+books about books, bookstores, libraries, writers
+compelling bio fic

Christina Miller
Literary Agent
📚☕🍷 Admin. Coordinator + Junior Agent at Nancy Yost Literary Agency. Just trying to read as many HEAs as possible. She/Her 📖 Currently closed to queries

Alright, I am finally on the Succession train—better late than never! And now I am itching for a Succession meets The Gilded Age historical…


Hannah VanVels
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📚 Literary Agent @belcastr | Editor | Writer | #RevPit | Devoted German shepherd & cat mom | Amateur baker | Sparkling water enthusiast | she/her ✏️
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In YA, I'd love to see:
🌞Queer romance
🌞Thrillers with isolated settings
🌞Horror with gothic and atmospheric vibes
🌞Historical that centers on POC stories
🌞Subversive and dark fantasy

Hannah VanVels
Literary Agent
📚 Literary Agent @belcastr | Editor | Writer | #RevPit | Devoted German shepherd & cat mom | Amateur baker | Sparkling water enthusiast | she/her ✏️
55 AskAgent
65 Queries
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In Middle Grade, I'd love to see:
⚽️Fantasy inspired by myths, folklore, or legends
⚽️Historical that centers POC stories
⚽️Contemporary with an environmental bent
⚽️Horror with ghosts, creepy crawlies, and witches
⚽️Growing up in non-traditional settings
⚽️Earth-based sci-fi