Michelle Lindo Rice
Literary Agent
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Seeking compelling historical fiction by underrepresented authors, particularly those with not-so-well known stories.
Seeking a new twist on a common trope. #MSWL

Alex Aceves
mexico city girl in bkln. likes the 🍷 not the 🏷. lets other pens dwell on guilt&misery. associate editor @HolidayHouseBks , writer by night. opinions my own.

5. YA historical fiction about teens involved in labor activism movements (like a fictionalized eliseo medina in the delano grape strike)

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"Seeking generational stories of parenthood and family with non-binary and/or trans characters in the commercial or historical adult fiction genre (ie. heavy with plot!)"
@carlywatters #MSWL


Catherine Hedrick Armstrong
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Though I'm still closed to queries & will open BRIEFLY in April for Hist Fic & YA Myst/Thrillers, here's my full #MSWL. I'll open again after my brief April opening & will want everything on this list and more! So work on your queries and edit those pages!

Lauren Albury
Literary Agent
Associate Literary Agent @hollowaylit . I believe in the power of words and the importance of their precision

Happy #MSWL day! I’m on the hunt for a rare gem of a historical or upmarket Caribbean story/voice steeped in island culture with an immersive setting.

Catherine Hedrick Armstrong
Literary Agent
Lit agent at @TPurcellAgency (thepurcellagency.com). Leader of #TeamCathie . Header courtesy of @kwrites4 .
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I'm still closed until about April. BUT...I'll reopen for about 1 week only & will give advance notice here. I'll be looking for ONLY HISTORICAL ROMANCE (Regency, preferred) & YA Mystery/Thriller. Strong desire for BIPOC & LGBTQ authors/stories. So get those queries ready!

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Kendall Berdinsky
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In historical fiction, I’d prefer stories not set in Western Europe or the USA. Hidden histories and female-led retellings are also up my alley.

Laura Zats
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I love beautiful historical fiction that reminds us that trans people have always been here #mswl

Lauren Bajek
Literary Agent
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Oh wait-- one more bizarrely specific #MSWL from me:

I'd love to read a historical or Regency farce set on social media. The scandal! The games of gossip telephone! The social climbing! I'm talking Georgette Heyer with groupchats and softblocks.

Brigitte Dale
Editorial Assistant
Editorial assistant @stmartinspress 📚 I love literary fiction, feminist history, & every dog I meet. Instagram: @brigittesbookshelf

It's #MSWL day! Send your voice-y upmarket fiction (especially if it's set in London), your immersive feminist historical fiction, and your thought-provoking/laughter-inducing narrative nonfiction my way! More details below: manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/brig…

Melissa Edwards
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Happy #MSWL day!

I really want more historical cozy mystery in my life since I have been reading it with a vengeance.

Carly Watters
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Historical #mswl

Time periods I like to read about: 1920s-present day. I don't read a lot of historical fiction older than that (I liked FOUR WINDS, OUR WOMAN IN MOSCOW, and love Beatriz Williams in general).

Norma Perez-Hernandez
Assistant Editor
assistant editor | writer | sometimes actor | founding member, @LatinxinPub and @PocPub | BTS! BTS! | rep: @jcastillobooks | messaging and data rates may apply
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Norma @normajeanesays

your friendly reminder that i am looking for magical realism, gothic fiction, and horror #MSWL

oh, it’s #MSWL day! along with the below tweet, i’m into mysteries and thrillers, historical fiction, and LGBTQ romance or fiction with strong romantic elements 💕

Nicole Luongo
editing @parkrowbooks / @harpercollins | open to acquisitions 📚 | she/her

Happy #MSWL Day! My inbox is open to acquisitions 📚📚📚 Here’s my MSWL profile to help give you a sense of what I’m looking for:


Stuti Telidevara
Literary Agent
she/her // @ParkandFine // former: @RavenLiterary @orbitbooks @TransLitAgency // opinions own

I am always into historical fantasy or fantasy that's inspired by a historical setting/context, esp non-Western; recent faves in this space are SHE WHO BECAME THE SUN & THE UNBROKEN. I love historical fantasy w/ Western settings that center marginalized voices eg Zen Cho's books

Adria Goetz
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MIDDLE GRADE—I’d love to find more middle grade. I love mysteries, historical, magic-tinged, verse novels. Some of my favorites: NO ORDINARY THING, THE ELEPHANT’S GIRL, BROWN GIRL DREAMING, and THE DOLLHOUSE MURDERS. #MSWL

Kay Cornett
Literary Agent
literary agent at @BirchLiterary | MFAW from @saic_news | ⤹ Read my submission guidelines + MSWL | *opinions are my own
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↬ Literary Fiction retellings ft. classic authors: Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Stoker, du Maurier, Austen, etc.
↬ Historical Fiction
↬ True Crime: well-researched + in the same vein as In Cold Blood
#MSWL #amquerying #WritingCommunity #writing #askagent #writersoftwitter

Justin Nash
Literary Agent
Managing Director @KNLitAgency . Literary agent & history geek. Emotional depth, clever ideas & immersive worlds are my thing. Current wants in the pinned tweet.
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Some of my #MSWL: a historical in a tight social group (e.g. Viking War band, a WW1 trench or Arctic exploration), retro crime (50s to 70s), historical with light touch fantasy (gods/the supernatural) or a Cold War thriller set in East Germany #amwriting & #amquerying