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Cate Hart @CateHart · Aug 15

Lenny Kravitz @LennyKravitz

It brings me so much joy to see the youth and their gifts keeping musicianship alive. Love and respect.⁣

❤️ somewhere in the midst of how cool it is that THE Lenny Kravitz is retweeting these talented kids is a #MSWL middle grade novel I would love to see.

Cate Hart @CateHart · Apr 12

You guys I am at the 90% mark of The Huntress and next I'm reading We Rule the Night to feed my Night Witches obsession. But what I'd really love to find #MSWL is adult and YA ft other female pilots - hello Bessie Coleman - whether historical or fantasy

Cate Hart @CateHart · Mar 9

I just finished watching The Favourite and I have so many #MSWL wants. I want powerful women in historicals, as opposed to empowered, with power plays and antics, friendships and romance, deep nuanced character relationships and falling outs.

Cate Hart @CateHart · 12 Sep 2018

And fluffy YA send me your version of Peter Kavinsky please #MSWL

Cate Hart @CateHart · 12 Sep 2018

More historicals. Love dual povs and time slips, in unexplored time periods #MSWL

Cate Hart @CateHart · 12 Sep 2018

Also I love enemies to lovers tropes but I’d love to see enemies with benefits #MSWL

Cate Hart @CateHart · 12 Sep 2018

Few #MSWL still looking for southern gothic witches, dark and twisty a la The Craft

Cate Hart @CateHart · 6 Jun 2018

Cate Hart @CateHart

This is my annual statement that once again Middle Tennessee has been invaded by hordes of music fans and I will not go downtown or anywhere south of Murfreesboro. Carry On.

On that note, if you have a YA meet-cute centered around a music festival, I need that. Or a light, fun WF with women in the music biz behind the scenes - ie producers, engineers, songwriters, label execs, I wanna see it. #MSWL

Cate Hart @CateHart · 16 Mar 2018

I mentioned this last weekend at a workshop, but I want all the STEM princesses. I love magic but give me princesses that design and rule with technology, a fantasy world built on advance science and tech. I want more Princess Shuri’s #MSWL