Katie Greenstreet


Dog mom, Duke fan, expat. Recovering lawyer turned book person @CWAgencyUK .

London, England


Katie Greenstreet @ktgreenst · 13 Nov 2019

ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL and MIRACLE CREEK were two of my favorite reads from the past few years. Anyone with a fresh courtroom drama touching on contemporary issues, please please query me! #mswl

Katie Greenstreet @ktgreenst · 12 Nov 2019

Have just finished MY FRIEND ANNA and am now REALLY keen for some millennial scammer fiction... #MSWL

Katie Greenstreet @ktgreenst · 24 Sep 2019

Sympathetic psychopaths, cult-y fiction, campus novels of all stripes, books tied to an unfamiliar professional world (ballet/restaurants/sports), upmarket #metoo novels, political conversation starters (a la American Marriage or The Mothers), a romcom with a fresh hook... #mswl

Katie Greenstreet @ktgreenst · 10 May 2019

Read an excellent submission yesterday that reminded me how much I love books with a sympathetic socio/psychopath. Not sure what that says about me as a human being, but if you've written that character, please send my way! #mswl

Katie Greenstreet @ktgreenst · 30 Apr 2019

Carson McCullers and Walker Percy for the modern era. Have you written this? Send it to me! #MSWL

Katie Greenstreet @ktgreenst · 25 Aug 2017

A very fresh take on psychological suspense, a quirky narrator with an offbeat obsession, a NYC story, anything that will make me cry #MSWL