Nina Leon
Literary Agent
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Mystery/adventure such as Da Vinci Code/ National Treasure. The Holiday but make it a book. Fairy tale retelling. Magical realism. 🌟✍️⭐️

Haley Casey
Literary Agent
Associate Literary Agent at CMA. Feminist. Interested in watching TV shows I've already seen and owning ALL books. All opinions are my own. (she/her)
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Finally, I adore reading retellings of classics and fairytales, and I would love to rep them, too! Bring me your takes on Jane Austen, Hans Christian Andersen, Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and (need I say it) Wonderland. Anything you can think of! #MSWL

Emmy Nordstrom Higdon
Literary Agent
📚 lit agent @WCA_LitAgency 📖 advisor @TheFOLD_ ✍ faculty @MSWLMA 🐕‍🦺 recovering PhD 🌈 they/them; Sal: Dr. ♿ clients #SpineSquad 📘
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Just found out that Winnie the Pooh enters public domain in 2022 and I am here to call dibs on ALL the Pooh retellings!!! #MSWL

Emily Forney
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Literary Agent @bookendslit • Undiscovered National Treasure • Neighborhood Book Bimbo • for #MSWL (she/her)
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Oh what I would give for some YA and crossover historical dramas. I’m talking period pieces, assassin stories, retellings set in their original time periods, royal courts and political intrigue 👑

Please give me books where I can fan cast this man

Sarah N Fisk
Literary Agent
Agent @TheTobiasAgency as Sarah N. Fisk. YA Author as Sarah Nicolas. @qqqpodcast host, event planner, programs lead @disabilityinpub 💛🤍💜🖤
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You: "This book is a genderbent/queer retelling of—"
Me: Yes!


Carlisle Webber
Literary Agent
Literary agent at @FuseLiterary 📚 Princess on the outside, villain on the inside 🖤 She/her, Ms. 👸🏼
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I keep thinking about this article on TikTok and mental health. There's got to be YA novel in this, or maybe a retelling of The Crucible. #MSWL…

Nivia Evans
Senior Editor at Orbit/Redhook. PW Star Watch Superstar 2020. Openly Black. I read things...all the time.

I would love to see a gothic fairytale retelling of Rappaccini's Daughter in my inbox. #MSWL

Stacey Graham
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Literary agent and author whose reviews include "ok" and "arrived in great condition." Moonlights in antiques. she/her
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Looking for ALL the graphic novel ghost stories! More more boo than blood and more spooky than scary for MG, but I'm all in for YA and Adult. Have a headless horseman retelling? Yes, please.

Nina Leon
Literary Agent
Associate Agent: @perez_literary MSWL:… QM: Editing:

My manuscript wish list profile is now live! Head on over to see if I would be a good match for your story!… #MSWL

Cortney Radocaj
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a quick FYI for my #mswl:

i love retellings (fairytale, mythology, etc.) and am always happy to see them in my box!

HOWEVER, i *do not* like super obvious retellings. they HAVE to be subtle for me to like them - think ACOTAR and ACOMAF, CINDER, or FOR THE WOLF

Tiffany Shelton
Editor & Manager, Acquisitions Outreach @StMartinsPress • Foodie • Tattoo + Tea Addict • Siren of Sass • Opinions are mine • 🇨🇦-🇺🇲 (🇯🇲🇮🇳🇨🇳)
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Sarah Grill
Associate Editor @StMartinsPress . she/her. Avid dog-spotter and Chicago native. Opinions my own but deep dish is better than thin crust.

#MSWL In YA: Ever on the hunt for my light-hearted Jewish rom-com. Particularly interested in the trend toward more traditional mysteries (see TRULY DEVIOUS, GOOD GIRLS, ACE OF SPADES) with a strong investigative drive. Always have room for smart, high-concept contemp retellings.

Bethany Fulk Hendrix
Literary Agent
Junior Agent @HollowayLit • YA writer • Lover of all things Disney and chocolate
Ali Herring
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Literary Agent, Spencerhill Associates. Twin mom+1 📚 Eclectic in life & books. I 💙 Jane Austen & SFF in equal doses. #TeamSpencerhill Ali-ens 👽 rock!
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Gender-flipped contemporary Cinderella retelling, except I want “Cin” to be damaged, the bad boy, who needs rescuing in true enemies-to-lovers fashion by his “princess.” Make him sympathetic & redeemable at first. Make us only really like him as the plot develops. #MSWL

Nidhi Pugalia
associate editor at @VikingBooks . got deviants to see, a cake to bake, and a novel to write. she/her/hers.

My #A #MSWL page is live! Agents, send me your BIPOC myth-retellings--your dark, lyrical novels that dip into fantasy--your REBECCA-esque gothic fiction--your quirky, voicey nonfic. Make me hungry, teach me something, whisk me away:📚

Bunmi Ishola
Children's Editor @WaterBrookPress | Board Member for @wordisdiversity | Compulsive Reader | Theatre geek | Travel Obsessed | Opinions are my own.

Is there a MG/YA retelling of My Fair Lady out there? #mswl

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“Did you elevate the Jane Austen retelling? Plots with new twists, takes, and contemporary relevance are the stories I want to see.” @readbystephanie #MSWL

Leonicka Valcius
Literary Agent
she/her 🇭🇹. Christian ✝️. JD Candidate 2024. Literary Agent @TransLitAgency . Closed to queries.
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Kim Lindman
Literary Agent
lit agent + smm @StonesongNYC repping cookbooks, nonfiction + select fiction! (send me yours ⬇️) tweets about books/food/life/#adopteevoices *opinions mine*
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all this Satan talk has reminded me that I'd LOVE a re-telling of Paradise Lost #MSWL