P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Mar 27

“Commercial Fiction and Rom Coms: (especially with a diverse cast!) like AYESHA AT LAST, JANE THE VIRGIN, ONE DAY IN DECEMBER, THE PROPOSAL, and Elin Hilderbrand. I need a very strong hook.” @carlywatters #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · Mar 27

It’s Kim Lionetti’s turn on #MSWL Madness (and she may have pulled out all the stops for this graphic!) Visit the blog for more information on what she’s looking for in her inbox right now! instagram.com/p/BvgwRI7HjSQ/…

Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · Mar 26

My wife is watching her reality shows (right now Temptation Island is on), and I so want to read a literary novel with reality TV in it.

Like a novel that feels like the show UnReal, or reminds me of THE LAST ONE by Alexandra Oliva. Oof that was a perfect book. #MSWL

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Mar 26

Yes, we need dark stories in MG/YA because kids need to have their problems/struggles acknowledged. But please remember to infuse hope. I want less focus on the trauma/suffering and more on successes and healing. Marginalized kids need to know they deserve happy endings #MSWL

Jennifer AAHHHH Grimaldi is closed to queries @JA_Grimaldi · Mar 26

F/F devil wears prada-inspired enemies-to-lovers romcom PLEASE dear GOD, I DREAM about this. #mswl

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Mar 26

#MSWL Romance and Women's Fiction with quality writing, plot, setting and characters. Stories must have a purpose. Not looking for stories with a gimmick to make the sale.

Laurel Symonds @LaurelSymonds · Mar 26

Time flies when you're having fun! In my first 6 months of agenting I've built a client list I'm SO proud of. Here's an updated #MSWL (for the next 6 months & beyond!): author-illustrators, slice-of-life chapter book series, girly middle grade (all genres), and contemporary YA.

Andlyn @AndlynLit · Mar 26

#MSWL ADULT FICTION ALERT: Pretty open to most things along commercial lines but at the moment #COSYCRIME is very much on the mind. As long as it's inclusive, 'out of the box' and fresh, our doors are open! (updates to come - stay tuned)

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · Mar 26

We've clarified a few points in the submission guidelines: we are open to agented manuscripts and proposals year-round; we don't publish romantic suspense at this time; our mysteries are not seasonal, although our romances are. #hallmark #romance #mystery #MSWL

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · Mar 26

We're no longer considering previously published work for publication. #MSWL #hallmark #romance #mystery

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · Mar 26

We've upped the word count a bit to 75,000-90,000 for both romance and mystery. #MSWL #romance #mystery

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque · Mar 26

Our next submission period at @HallmarkPublish is Sept. 2019, and we expect to respond to everyone from our last submission period by May 1. We've made some tweaks to our submission guidelines: bit.ly/2TYk2Qk The main ones are below. #MSWL #romance #mystery

Emmanuelle Morgen @EmMorgen · Mar 26

I'm looking for #OwnVoices children's nonfiction writers. If submitting, please send to submissions at stonesong.com and put "query" and "children's nonfiction" somewhere in the subject line. Thanks! #MSWL

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · Mar 26

I’d love to see more domestic suspense in my inbox. #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Mar 26

"As for weirdly specific things I'm looking for... I'm dying to find a great book about a cult or a survivalist or a plague... maybe all of them in one?" @ericsmithrocks #MSWL ericsmithrocks.com/mswl

Naomi Davis, literary agent @NaomisLitPix · Mar 25

I am currently working through queries I received March 4th. If you queried me prior to then and I have not yet replied, please make sure you've used my query form at queryme.online/naomidavis
Please note I am only open to adult queries at the moment. See my #MSWL 😁