P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Feb 4

“In romance, I prefer there to be something more than “will they get together”—maybe they save the town/kingdom/galaxy?” @kurestinarmada #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

Lisa Dunn @AuthorLisaDunn · Feb 3

Speaking of allegory, I am all about rich, layered symbolism at every turn - names, characters, plot, setting, tiny, seemingly insignificant details that are actually hugely symbolic of glorious truth. If you have a #YA #CF #fantasy like this, I'd love to see it. #MSWL

Laura Maisano @MaisanoLaura · Feb 3

Also, something set in space with a strong faith element that'd dovetail nicely with Anaiah's line #MSWL

Laura Maisano @MaisanoLaura · Feb 3

What's been lacking in my subs is a nice allegorical fantasy, something subtle not hit you over the head with a brick KWIM? #MSWL

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · Feb 3

Send me your YA/MG fantasies featuring mythical beasts. @nickipaupreto’s Crown of Feathers and @ktzhaoauthor’s The Dragon Warrior have left me wanting more! #mswl

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · Feb 3

I’d love to see YA featuring younger teens. Give me your fun and quirky stories about starting high school for the first time, with all of the mixed up drama and feelings that come along with it. #mswl

Naomi Davis The Caffeinated @NaomisLitPix · Feb 3

I desperately want contemporary or fantasy romance novels with trans main characters where there is no bullshit transphobic reaction to the MCs transness from anyone anywhere ever. #MSWL

Allie Levick @AllieLevick · Feb 3

I collected some of my favorite #MSWL tweets into one moment for ease of reference! You'll notice some similar themes ✨💀⚡️ #amwriting #amediting #amquerying #querytrenches


Nicole Bea (Bezanson) @Nicbeawrites · Feb 3

New #mswl addition: teen fiction stories set in the northern parts of Canada focusing on social and cultural issues specific to these locations. I want snow storms and drama and love and real life in the cold and really long nights.

Sharon Belcastro @SharonBelcastro · Feb 2

I’ve become a total podcast junkie. Would love to see a #YA with a teen podcaster, podcasting sisters or friends. #MSWL

Hilary Harwell @HilaryHarwell · Feb 1

VERY hungry for some new middle grade projects right now - send me your #MG mysteries, heartfelt contemporary, #ownvoices projects #amquerying writers! #MSWL Oh, and some dark stuff too. #horror #darkfantasy

Alex Slater @abuckslater · Feb 1

What a week. Gods of #MSWL: send me YA & MG that burns down white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia. Books to beat back the racists. Send me what terrifies them the most: your heart & humanity. More empathy today. Less intolerance tomorrow.

Lilly G @WonderLilly · Feb 1

THANK YOU to all who responded to/shared my #MSWL from yesterday. I'm still buried in post-#ALA work, but the plan is to formally reopen to submissions in early March. Please keep an eye out for more on this! I am excited to learn what you all are writing!

Danielle Chiotti @daniellechiotti · Feb 1

In my query inbox today, looking for projects that spark joy. I'm in the mood for voice-driven #mg and #ya stories that break my heart while making me laugh out loud. #MSWL #amreadingqueries #amagenting