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“Calling all writers specializing in laughter and love! I’m actively seeking submissions for adult romcoms with elements of social media. My sweet spot is big on the com, medium on the rom.” @claire_m_harris #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

Samantha Wekstein
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @TL_Agency . She/Her, Terp🐢, ENFJ, dog lover. Illustrators: wekstein-illustrators.weebly.com. Pitch to QueryManager.com/SamanthaWekste…
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Just read an article in the NYT about humor and Judaism and it made me think about how badly I'd like to see a Jewish Rom Com in the vein of My Big Fat Greek Wedding with a big Jewish family, lots of humor, and the concept of welcoming an outsider into a new culture. #MSWL

Alice S-H
Literary Agent
Founder & Literary Agent at @ASHliterary . Dogs & books, mostly. Never knowingly out-lipsticked. Views my own. She/her. It's Alice, never Ali. No DM queries.
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Jennifer March Soloway
Literary Agent
Jennifer#4 @AndreaBrownLit | she/her | @MillsMFALit alum | PB+MG+YA+Adult | In love with all things story | ✨Revision is magical!✨
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the revenge dress sounds like the title of a page-turning novel.

you decide the genre: romantic comedy? thriller? horror?



samantha s. fabien
Literary Agent
✞ 🇭🇹 Literary Agent @RootLiterary . Pan🌈. I’m the ultimate hype woman™️ for great people & great books—she/her✨📚🌗
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Happy vDay! 💘 Love is in the air and also up, down, & around my #mswl 😂

Bring me all of your inclusive enemies to lovers, second chance, friends to lovers, only one bed, fake dating, grump, sunshine, one night stand but whoops here we are again, romance/romcoms, pls! ❤️‍🔥

Ann Leslie Tuttle
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @DGandBTweets ; specializing in women’s fiction/romance/thrillers and Middle Grade/YA. Former editor.

#MSWL. Would love to see some historical fiction set in the 1950s. I am also a fan of most New York City history and stories about hidden figures who played a key role in the city's culture and arts. Continuing to look for YA and adult rom coms, especially with diverse casts.

Alexandra Weiss
Literary Agent
Associate agent at Azantian Literary (closed to queries). Book lover, space enthusiast, dream chaser. Tweets are my own. She/her. Profile pic: @KaneIcarusLynch
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For YA, I want first job stories, gap year journeys, rom-coms with a big hook, and literally anything that could be comp'd to Sex Education or Never Have I Ever. #MSWL

Melissa Edwards
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @stonesongNYC . Lawyer. Personal account, thus most of my tweets are about TV, movies, and books. Let Bartlet be Bartlet.
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I think I haven't mentioned what I'm looking for in a while: thrillers for adults and romance/rom-com for adults that have fresh hooks. Upmarket fiction from underrepresented perspectives. I am not open to expanding my children's list at the moment. #MSWL

Kate McKean
Literary Agent
CLOSED TO QUERIES. VP at Morhaim Literary. Daughter of the Fifth House, holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, heir to the Holy Rings. Rep’d by @Michaelbourret
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I would like a southern romcom/romance about a last minute date or a one night stand that leads to more called RIGHT QUICK #mswl

Alice S-H
Literary Agent
Founder & Literary Agent at @ASHliterary . Dogs & books, mostly. Never knowingly out-lipsticked. Views my own. She/her. It's Alice, never Ali. No DM queries.
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Really in the mood for some MG adventure shenanigans and YA romcoms, like reeaaaaally. #mswl

Julie Gwinn
Literary Agent
Love all things books, diy, creating, sports, pets, outdoors. Wife, mom, book agent, southern transplant. she/her
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*if romcom I have to laugh

Check out my current authors because each one fits these criteria!
Hope this helps!

Mariah Nichols
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at D4EO Literary Agency with a passion for books (Adult & YA) both nonfiction & fiction.

Adult Fiction:
(Women's fiction) psychological thrillers/suspense, mystery, & family/friendship drama. I gravitate towards upmarket/commercial.
(Contemporary Romance) rom-coms, rom-coms & more rom-coms! Would love to see more LGBTQ+, diversity, relatable, & unique plots.

Mariah Nichols
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at D4EO Literary Agency with a passion for books (Adult & YA) both nonfiction & fiction.

YA Fiction:
Rom-coms, paranormal romance, dystopian romance, science fiction/fantasy/speculative, & thriller/suspense. I would love to see: diversity, LGBTQ+, environmental issues/climate change, school settings, and mental health.

Clara Chuiton ✨
Literary Agent
literary associate at Olswanger Literary // romance writer // mother to a cat // 💫 OPEN TO QUERIES 💫// pp by @makowwka

For the romance genre, some of the keywords that pique my interest in a query are: sapphic, #ownvoices, rom-coms, historical, nerdy, fun, fantastical, rivalry, and academia.

If your query contains one or two (or more) of these words, I'd love to read it!

Annalise Errico
Literary Agent
📚 Assistant Agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency 🌿 Open to submissions 🌈 She/Her

Romance! As my genre of choice, I'm especially looking for queer baking rom-coms like Rosaline Palmer; sweet holiday romances; books that tackle relationships + mental health like "The Charm Offensive"; and historical romances like "A League of Extraordinary Women" or Kit Webb

Becca Podos
Literary Agent
Reps YA/Romance/SFF at Rees Literary Agency. Author, occasionally. FOOLS IN LOVE out *now* and FROM DUST, A FLAME out 2/22/22. Rep @ericsmithrocks She/they
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Also in Adult, I'm looking for:

—Romance/romcoms, particularly queer and/or BIPOC. Anthing in the vein of Alyssa Cole, Cat Sebastian, Talia Hibbert, Alexandria Bellefleur, Rosie Danan, and Roselle Lim. Especially more romance and romcoms with non-binary MC’s and love interests.

Andrea Morrison
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at Writers House, MFA from @ColumbiaSOA , would love to see work at andreasubmissions@WritersHouse.com

I’m open to queries again & I’ll be sending out some #mswl requests here and there! The first is for more #ya; I’d love to see rom-coms, family dramas, friends sticking together. I love dramas but I’m also in the mood to laugh right now; pls bring on the funny! #amwriting

Eric, OPEN for MS queries
Publisher at @5310publishing spreading happiness every day through books. I'm changing the world, one book at a time! 😁 I'm a bottomless pit of information!
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(🧵4/7) ❤️ #Romance: Any can apply, but here are the subgenres/themes we want the most:
-Historical romance, contemporary, and romantic suspense novels.
-We also accept romantic comedies, LGBTQ+, young adult/new adult romance, etc.
If you don't see your genre, please apply. #MSWL

Alex Arnold
Senior Editor of YA, MG, & picture books @quirkbooks

Voicey YA romcoms, especially if they’re queer, and especially if they’re made more high-concept with a unique structure or unexpected twist

Dani Segelbaum
Literary Agent
literary agent @carolmannagency dani@carolmannagency .com