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Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 24 Sep 2019

All right, all right, one last one. I don't know exactly how you could execute this and make it a romance, but I am VERY into Succession right now so I'm going to throw "rich and extremely dysfunctional family with twisted but loving sibling dynamics" out there. #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 24 Sep 2019

SPEAKING of tropes, have you heard about Carina Adores, our new contemporary romance trope-driven LGBTQ+ line? I would love to see your submissions. You can find more info here:… #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 24 Sep 2019

I would be remiss if I didn't talk a little bit about how much I love fake relationships. Other fave tropes include one bed (🛏️), opposites attract, return to hometown, and road trip. (Can you include them all?!) #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 24 Sep 2019

I am INTO the possibility of paranormal romance making a comeback. Would love (LOVE) a slow burn romance in this genre. Make it hurt! (Metaphorically.) #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 24 Sep 2019

Show me a foodie character--kitchen/chef setting not necessary! Someone who shows love through the food they make for others, however that may work for your story. #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 24 Sep 2019

For a long time now I've been looking for a contemporary romance in which an only child/lonely person is welcomed into a huge, sprawling, loving family. Think While You Were Sleeping. (We're looking now for romances for 2020's holiday season, hint hint.) #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 24 Sep 2019

If you are redeeming a villain? You will have to fight me off. I love jerks. So much. #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 24 Sep 2019

In terms of character types, if I had to pic a favourite it would be, by a mile, the grumpy hero, especially one who's paired with a softer/more extroverted counterpart. This is my enemies-to-lovers catnip. #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 24 Sep 2019

It is #mswl day! Here is a quick thread of things I'm looking for. I'm acquiring romance for Carina Press; you can find more about Carina's guidelines here:…

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 21 Aug 2019

Thinking about The Family Stone (MASSIVELY underrated) and how much I would love to edit a romance with that kind of complex, emotional family dynamic. #mswl

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 20 Oct 2018

This is really interesting (and I would love to read a romance featuring a heroine who held one of these jobs.) #mswl The person running your favorite football team’s Twitter is probably a woman… via @Verge

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 28 May 2018

I’d love to acquire a romance where the protags are close (NOT romantic close) with their siblings. Think Zeus, Ares and Ambrosia in Pippa Grant’s hockey series. #mswl

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 17 Jan 2018

I would love to see a romance with a plus-sized heroine (and/or hero), where being plus-sized isn't her defining characteristic. #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 5 Jun 2017

Looking to submit to @carinapress? We recently updated our editors' submission wishlists! #mswl #carinawants…

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 19 Apr 2017

For our PNR proposal call, I'm particularly interested in shifters, magic-users, *new* twists on vampires. #MSWL…

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 11 Apr 2017

Are you writing a contemporary romance with sparkling dialogue, wit and an HEA with low angst and high happy-book-feelings? I want it. #mswl

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 17 Mar 2017

I would LOVE to acquire a super-sexy, summer-in-the-city novella/short. Contemp or erotic. #CarinaWants #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · 9 Feb 2017

Yes, it's winter. But I'd still like to acquire some Alaska-set contemporary romance, with heroes hot enough to melt ice. :) #mswl