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Kelly (Closed to Queries) Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 21

I'm going to open up to queries NEXT WEEK! And in light of that, I updated my #MSWL…

Kelly (Closed to Queries) Van Sant @bookishchick · 3 Jul 2019

I know this story is at least a year old, but since that society scammer girl was recently found guilty it reminded me: I very much want a YA spin on this type of con. #mswl…

Kelly (Closed to Queries) Van Sant @bookishchick · 5 Sep 2018

I am just now finding out about the bug heist and I am equally horrified and fascinated. And I kinda want to put this on my #mswl

Kelly (Closed to Queries) Van Sant @bookishchick · 7 Aug 2018

Remember @beatonna's Hark, A Vagrant! strips about crime solving teens? That's perpetually #mswl for me.

Kelly (Closed to Queries) Van Sant @bookishchick · 2 Apr 2018

I'm still closed to queries, but just so you know for when I open back up, I'm on a serious conartist kick. Give me your liars, your card sharks, your stolen identities, your heists, your thieves, your most persuasive criminals. YA and maybe MG. #mswl

Kelly (Closed to Queries) Van Sant @bookishchick · 15 Jul 2017

My whole #mswl is now just the video for Dua Lipa's New Rules.

Kelly (Closed to Queries) Van Sant @bookishchick · 20 May 2017

Kelly (Closed to Queries) @bookishchick

Lately I've got a thing for antagonistic girls in fiction.

This whole thread is now urgent #mswl. Send me all your brilliant, confident, manipulative, scheming, ruthless, vulnerable, bad ass girls.