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Nicole Fischer @nicolefischer13 · Apr 10

Book twitter! I'm looking at my list for 2020 and I'd LOVEEEE a fluffy, happy, fun, winter-y (holiday?!?) romantic comedy by an author of color, featuring main characters of color! If you are writing this now... please send it to me at @avonbooks!!! #mswl #romancelandia

Nicole Fiorica @NicoleFios · Apr 10

Today seems like a good time to mention that I would love to see more books about space, whether fiction or nonfiction #MSWL

Marisa DiNovis @dinovisms · Apr 10

Who remembers the Amelia’s Notebook series? This morning I randomly woke up thinking about how completely obsessed I was with these books as a kid, and now it is my editor dream to find something with which we can resurrect this format. #mswl

Sylvan Creekmore 🎃 @SylvanCreekmore · Apr 4

STILL #MSWL, JUST SAYIN’ ——⁦@casey_mcquiston⁩??? honestly I don’t even need to be the editor I just wanna read it.…

Cherrita Lee @Cherrita_Lee · Apr 4

Cassandra Farrin @CassaCassaCassa

@Cherrita_Lee I have that one on my list, too!! Cannot wait!

Replying to @CassaCassaCassa

Oh, it is everything. The author drops hints of slavic folk lore (Dziwożona, Rusulka, oh my! 😍), and I died of happiness. You'd love the religious themes, too. Remember my #mswl for slavic retellings and folklore? This soothes that itch nicely. @glitzandshadows is marvelous.

Carlisa Cramer @carlisajc · Apr 3

OH another one. I've been watching MasterChef Junior, and if there are any MG books with cooking competitions out there, I'd be all sorts of down for it. #MSWL

Carlisa Cramer @carlisajc · Apr 3

Finally, I'm just always looking for really strong voices and strong friendships in both MG and YA. I want those friendships I can root for. #MSWL

Carlisa Cramer @carlisajc · Apr 3

On a totally different note, I'd love to see a contemporary YA with a diverse cast of teen activists standing up for what they believe in. #MSWL

Carlisa Cramer @carlisajc · Apr 3

I'd really love to see a historical fiction MG that provides an #ownvoices perspective on the past. Please please please. #MSWL

Kate Marope @TheRibbonMarker · Apr 3

Mercy @MercyMeReads

@TheRibbonMarker How long do you expect to be open to receiving fated mates manuscripts?

Replying to @MercyMeReads

Hi, Mercy! Fated mates are a perennial favorite of mine, but be sure to check regularly to keep up to date with what @CarinaPress editors are looking for 🙂 #carinawants #MSWL