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Hannah Bennett @helizbennett · Jun 7

Attn #agents and #authors, I'm looking for pop-science and/or self-help books about men's sexual wellness and function for Cleis Press. Any recommendations? #MSWL #LiteraryAgents #AmWriting #AmQuerying #Sexuality #Books

Kelsey Horton @KelseyMHorton · Jun 6

I am hungry for voice driven & high concept contemporary to round out my list (middle grade through YA!) I want to laugh, cry and feel all the feels in between #mswl

Molly Cusick @molly_cusick · Jun 3

I can only justify rereading RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE so many times, so can someone please send me a YA novel in that vein (alas, I do not acquire NA)? I never want the feeling to end! #MSWL

andrewkarre @andrewkarre · Jun 1

Interested in middle grade novel manuscripts about a brutally violent uprising of ruthless twelve year olds who hunt down every crusty old columnist who has a hot take on the outcome of a spelling bee. #mswl

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · May 31

YA romances that feel like a K-Drama. All spectums from Goblin: The Great and Lonely God to Boys Over Flowers. #mswl

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · May 31

Twisty-turney timey-wimey YA Speculative Fiction. #mswl

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · May 31

Light-hearted coming of age MG fantasy. Includes strong relationship themes and silly humor. #mswl

Ashley Hearn @AshleyHearn · May 29

Evergreen #MSWL call for stories that make me feel like this.

Sarah McCabe @sarahrmccabe · May 29

I'm ready to start seeing more urban fantasy YA in my inbox, just saying... #MSWL

Amy Fitzgerald @Amy_Ariel_Fitz · May 21

Amy Fitzgerald @Amy_Ariel_Fitz

2 for 2 so far: Emilia Clarke noting "She's not mad, she's traumatized" is an equally pointed departure from how the dudes insist on framing things.…

I don't get to acquire much fantasy BUT WHEN I DO it's got female characters with nuance as well as grit, trauma fallout and mental health issues depicted realistically, and no dudes getting away with killing their girlfriends #MSWL

Jaymee Goh @jhameia · May 20

Someone needs to write "The Cat Slew The Dragon" because, well, just because. #MSWL

Alexandra Sehulster @ASehulster · May 16

I'm over suspense that features a man controlling the strings with the central protag overpowered and manipulated by him. Give me your thrillers with dynamic leading women. Show me what suspense looks like btwn friends, btwn sisters. Explore these relationships deeply #MSWL