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Molly Cusick @molly_cusick · 18 Sep 2019

I'd love to see more body diversity in my subs. When you don't describe a character, the reader (and the cover designer, etc.) is often going to default to the most privileged body types, the ones we typically see celebrated in media. We don't really need more of that. #MSWL

Marisa DiNovis @dinovisms · 17 Sep 2019

I’m seeing a ton of YA in my inbox lately (which is FAB, keep it coming!!) but wherefore art thou middle grade?! All genres! All formats! All ages within the category! I want it! #mswl

Marisa DiNovis @dinovisms · 13 Sep 2019

Some day, my middle grade or YA novel or graphic novel set at camp will come. (Right??? 😭) #mswl

Sara Schonfeld @SaraSchon · 12 Sep 2019

My bizarre fascination with these girl scammer stories—and the toxic friendships they rely on—means I’m craving a fiction YA (and age-appropriate) retelling! #MSWL

Molly Cusick @molly_cusick · 10 Sep 2019

Molly Cusick @molly_cusick

Seeing so much YA where the protag is Not Into Instagram, celeb gossip, etc. in a way that suggests she's too good/smart for it. It's a valid character choice, but it's also valid for young women to be into that stuff!

The idea that teen girls are vapid/shallow/dumb for being into pop culture is harmful (not to mention as old as time -- the Beatles, anyone?). I'd love a YA novel where the protag is happily into it all. #MSWL

Natasha Simons 😷 @ndotsimons · 10 Sep 2019

Publishing.......let’s make The Electric Circus by Timothy Lipton a reality. #mswl

victoria (ອໍາມະລາ) @victoriasavanh · 9 Sep 2019

I *really* want to publish a book about anime, fan culture, & eastern influences on western audiences #mswl

Julie Rosenberg @JulieARosenberg · 8 Sep 2019

Okay now that I’ve watched the US Open I’m ready for a summer ball girl/boy (or any combo) romance. 🎾😍 #MSWL

⭐️🌜 Alyza Liu 🌛⭐️ @alyzaliu · 6 Sep 2019

on a slightly related note, i would give my horse, my house, my whole heart for a YA novel about bandits #mswl

Naomi Krueger @NaomiJKrueger · 5 Sep 2019

So many great pitches on #PitMad today! If you are a literary agent who snagged some good proposals, keep me and @AndrewJDeYoung at @BeamingBooksMN in mind. Here's a list of some of the topics/themes I'm currently interested in:… #MSWL #kidlit #PB #MG

Eliza Swift @elizaswift · 3 Sep 2019

Eliza Swift @elizaswift

Recently finished watching Love Alarm on Netlix and boooo hissss that ending but also #MSWL, I want a YA in that vein!

“That vein” = exploring the way technology impacts our lives in an interesting new way. If your YA novel could be described as “like Black Mirror but fluffy,” I want to see it.

Eliza Swift @elizaswift · 3 Sep 2019

Recently finished watching Love Alarm on Netlix and boooo hissss that ending but also #MSWL, I want a YA in that vein!