Rachel Ekstrom Courage @EkstromRachel · 13 Sep 2016

In nearly every genre I rep, I'm drawn to themes of strong women, nature/environment, psychology, secrets, food, travel... #MSWL

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 13 Sep 2016

I'm hungry for more novels based on women who changed the course of history and were forgotten (until now). #MSWL

Bibi Lewis @Bibi_Lewis · 13 Sep 2016

Would love to see some commercial WF that deals with jealousy in female friendships #MSWL

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · 13 Sep 2016

Sister stories. Female friendship stories. F/F romances. Relationships of all kinds with women of all kinds. #MSWL

Melissa Edwards @MelissaLaurenE · 13 Sep 2016

Happy #MSWL-day. I want smart, funny commercial fiction for and about professional women.

Joanna MacKenzie @joannamackenzie · 7 Sep 2016

So stoked for #RMFW2016 #MSWL women's fic, mystery/thriller for adult and ya. Bring your pitches and let's talk stories. @BrowneandMiller

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 19 Aug 2016

Although summer is over, I’m still looking for that perfect #WF #beachread. Something that doesn’t feature divorce or death of spouse #MSWL

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 15 Aug 2016

Oh, I would LOVE a book about women in the Persian royal family, ancient or modern. #MSWL

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 15 Aug 2016

More projects about amazing historical women by #ownvoices. Like @WeinaRandel's Empress Wu series. #MSWL

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 15 Aug 2016

#HF about the Romanov women right before the fall of the tsar. Focus on Marie of Mecklenburg (Miechen). #MSWL

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 15 Aug 2016

#HF about kick-ass women by #ownvoices. The Kandakes of ancient Nubia, women of medieval Baghdad, Trung Sisters of Vietnam. #MSWL

Danielle Bukowski @dani_bukie · 10 Aug 2016

I'd love to read a multicultural, multigenerational women's fiction set at least partially outside the US this weekend #MSWL #amquerying

Carrie Pestritto @literarycarrie · 9 Aug 2016

A women's doc or YA about what happens to a family of believers after doomsday doesn't happen a la May 21, 2011 #mswl