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Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · Jan 23

When you stumble across an ad for @norsemeat upcoming releases from @familiustalk in the latest @publisherswkly! Having a baby? This one is for you! And now I’m off to find more charming gift nonfiction to add to my list #mswl ift.tt/2NUl7n7

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 14 Nov 2018

I've changed my #MSWL a bit lately and am adding more and more talented NF authors to my roster. @norsemeat knocked it out of the park with this project that I pulled straight from our slush pile of queries!

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 26 Oct 2018

Great news! The Knight Agency has changed our submission process and I'll be personally looking at all of my own queries now! Check out my current #MSWL (and for the rest of the TKA team as well!) and the new way to query: knightagency.net/submissions/

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 23 Feb 2018

Sara Ackerman @AckermanBooks

LOVE FRIENDSHIP STORIES? #FridayReads #authors18 twitter.com/BookSparks/sta…

I've been lucky in life in the friendship category which is perhaps why a good friendship story is always high on my #mswl and a reason why I fell in love with @AckermanBooks's submission way back when.

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 23 Feb 2018

Terri-Lynne DeFino @TLDeFino

And here it is… modestyisforsuckers.com/2018/02/23/and… pic.twitter.com/0bQc0ncokI

Books about books. Swoon. An always auto-buy (and perennial #mswl for anyone thats keeping track!) - I WOULD be so jealous that this one wasn't mine if it weren't for the fact that it's my agency sister @jannabonikowski's instead. Congrats ladies. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 23 Jan 2018

Dying for a contemporary OR TO REALLY RAISE THE STAKES, historical (a la Madmen), workplace-set manuscript - women's fiction, romance, bookclub, satire, dramedy, or young adult (tell me you dont remember that crush from your first job!) #mswl

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 5 Apr 2017

I'm from rural Ohio, I grew up following buggies, horses, and tractors. Send me your contemporary amish stories #wf #mswl #tka20

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 5 Apr 2017

I won't use it when pitching you but you can use it pitching me... dare I say it... ::chick lit::
#mswl #tka20

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 5 Apr 2017

Hoping to find smart, fun, contemp, life-in-the-city (or not), laugh out loud, life-sometimes-sucks, light-hearted #wf ms #tka20 #mswl

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 5 Apr 2017

Wanting to see lots of great women's fiction #wf, contemporary romance #cr, young adult #ya and historical fiction #hf #mswl #tka20

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 10 Feb 2017

And now that I figured that out I can get to this #MSWL *THIS* sounds like something I would love to see in my query box #Fridayreads

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 8 Feb 2017

Have a ms tht matches my tweets? pls send direct elaine(dot)spencer@knightagency(dot)net w/#mswl in subj line, include10 pgs @ end of query

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 8 Feb 2017

#mswl forbidden romance that breaks all social boundaries but is handled w/ heart ala FORBIDDEN (YA) or ALL THE UGLY AND WONDERFUL THINGS

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 8 Feb 2017

#mswl Historical women's fiction from underrepresented world events, view points, religions, family backgrounds, etc

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 8 Feb 2017

#MSWL I've been looking for a club/hobby WF project for YEARS - one where the shared interest is almost like its own character

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 8 Feb 2017

#mswl It goes without saying I am a sucker for anything that captures the genuine sentiment and love I have for these guys

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 8 Feb 2017

#MSWL always love stories where food preparation and dining experience plays heavily into narrative and characters lives #WF #R #YA

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 8 Feb 2017

#MSWL Always on hunt for stories where setting drives the action. Something that can't be stopped or controlled. Boom automatic conflict.