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Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · Jul 2

So happy to be featured in @scbwi's July newsletter! I'm actively taking on new clients--check out the interview to see what's high on my #mswl and learn more about me as an agent:… #amagenting #querytip

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · Jun 14

Also I’ve seen some wonderful millennial fiction projects lately just bursting with humor and heart—please keep sending those my way! #mswl #a #f #wf

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · Jun 14

The best part about a little time off is getting to read real, published books 😊 Just finished Sawkill Girls and it won’t leave me alone. I’d love to see more gorgeous fantasy horror or fantasy thrillers in my inbox—something in that vein. #ya #mswl

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · May 20

Keep sending those women's fiction projects and rom-coms my way! Looking for high concept & a great voice. #MSWL #WF #A

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · Apr 4

Really enjoyed ONE DAY IN DECEMBER. Would LOVE to find a project in that vein. Just a sweet rom-com that completely pulls you in. Especially one that features a diverse cast &/or is centered around a holiday/tradition other than Xmas. #MSWL #A #WF #R

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · Jan 7

I hope everyone is having a fabulous 2019! I'm now open once again to queries and CAN NOT WAIT to see what you've been working on! You can query me here:… #amquerying #pubtip

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 7 Nov 2018

#MSWL I know I've been tweeting a lot about #YA & #MG projects, but I'm still looking for some really fabulous #WF. High concept, great voice, accessible writing. Wow me with something I haven't seen before.

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 7 Nov 2018

Also in #YA looking for historical (ish) projects. Something in the vein of THE GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE. Nothing that takes itself too seriously #MSWL

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 7 Nov 2018

I'd love to see some more fun, quirky #MG in my inbox right now #MSWL. Looking for that wonderful voice that just sucks you in

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 1 Nov 2018

I'm a fan of fantasy, but specifically would LOVE to see more contemporary fantasy right now. Looking for something that is just fun to read--the perfect escape. Also would be open to alternate historical fantasy. #YA #MSWL

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 25 Sep 2018

I'd love to find a multi-generational story that completely pulls you. Something that really highlights the complexity of family relationships—all the love and crazy. #a #wf #ownvoices #MSWL

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 25 Sep 2018

Rom-coms (for both #YA and #Adult) are also high on my list right now--a strong hook is a must but really I'm just looking for a wonderful, delicious escape. #R #CR #MSWL

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 25 Sep 2018

I also will ALWAYS melt for magical realism with a strong sense of place & GORGEOUS lyrical writing ❤️ #ya #mg #wf #a #MSWL #MR

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 25 Sep 2018

The pumpkin candles are burning & fall is in the air! Please send me your dark & spooky #MG and #YA. Anything that will get me in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year🍂☕️🍂#MSWL

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 27 Mar 2018

Also would love to see some #upmarket women's fiction w/ a unique hook and/or a hint of magical realism #MSWL #WF #MR

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 27 Mar 2018

I love rom-coms and would love to see more projects w/ a great voice and a diverse cast in my inbox #MSWL #A

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 13 Feb 2018

I’ve been listening to THE GREATEST SHOWMAN album all night—it’s so good! Now I’m craving some #circus themed submissions in my inbox right w/ a hint of #magicalrealism (& by circus, I don't mean clowns!) #A #WF #YA #MG #MR #MSWL

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 9 Feb 2018

#MSWL: #historical #YA that has a fun, fresh, gossipy feel & a diverse cast. Currently reading (& LOVING 😍) A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE & also enjoyed the CW’s Reign

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 9 Feb 2018

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter

Also! I’d love to see more #ya #ownvoices #fantasy. I seriously can’t get enough YA fantasy 😍 I’d especially like to see projects where the plot isn’t centered around the MC overthrowing an evil ruler. #MSWL

Just to clarify, I'm not AGAINST seeing projects w/ an evil ruler being dethroned. I just receive a high volume of these types of submissions so I'm super picky (I recently received a few emails saying "I hate this, too!" And I'm like nope, nope not what I was saying! 😂) #MSWL