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Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · Mar 11

More books about "model minorities" behaving badly, please—thank you @vanessahua for this wonderful roundup: And while we're at it, consider this a #mswl.

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 31 May 2018

Putting it out there: I want to see a book about "Tiger Girls". #mswl

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 31 May 2018

Have been dying to work on a flower book! meets The Language of Flowers #mswl

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 23 Apr 2018

#MSWL: Just got back from Taiwan and now I want a Madame Chiang novel more than ever. #MondayMotivation

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 26 Mar 2018

More intersectionality in submissions please! #MondayMotivations #MSWL

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 11 Mar 2018

Talk about refreshing: Inaugural @Staunch2018 Book Prize will be awarded to the author of a thriller in which no woman is beaten, stalked, sexually exploited, raped or murdered. Can we do it? Yes, we can: & while we're @ it, consider this a #mswl #DoBetter

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 28 Feb 2018

Really craving something that is: dark, subversive, literary, haunting, folkloric, mythical, and utterly irresistible #MSWL

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 27 Oct 2017

Mood: Would love to see some dark fairy tale retellings...#MSWL

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 19 Oct 2017

Would love a book about a food scientist #MSWL

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 17 Oct 2017

Would love to see a book of #MarcusAurelius's #Meditations in Tweets/some other modern format. #MSWL

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 13 Apr 2017

#MSWL: more #ownvoices projects ft. char.-driven stories that can open up to what's going on in diff. parts of the world & raise awareness

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 21 Sep 2016

I'd love to see a historical novel set during Queen Elizabeth I's reign--bonus points if you include courtier poet Sir Philip Sidney #MSWL

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 15 Sep 2016

If you're writing something in the vein of PENNY DREADFUL (Showtime), dark, historical, and can ruin my reading schedule--gimme. #MSWL

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 13 Sep 2016

I want a novel with one of these amas as the protagonist Think THE PEARL meets MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA #MSWL

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 13 Sep 2016

Would love some whip-smart, fresh millennial voices, bonus points if you manage to strike at the core of me AND make me laugh #MSWL

Annie Hwang @AnnieAHwang · 13 Sep 2016

Re-imaginings and alternate histories, please #MSWL