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#MSWL for a witchy book that feels like this, almost PRACTICAL MAGIC-esque meets old wives herbal medicine.

Ashley Herring Blake
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And can we talk about sisters? Maybe witchy ones? In a queer & diverse YA novel? In a small town where douche bags get what’s coming to them? Just saying, I’d read it. #MSWL

Thao Le
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Hannah (Allaman) Hill
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NGL I'm also consistently a sucker for...

📌Families! Siblings! Multi generational stories!
📌Witches + magic
📌Baking (bonus points: make it flirty)
📌Speculative twist? I'm there.

#mswl #MG #YA

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This can all be for MG, YA, and Adult btw.

I'd love a spec fic with modern witches (small spells, hanging herbs, cats and comfy seats to read the grimoire). Think Sabrina bet less superpower and more everyday crystals, brews, etc. #querytip #amagenting

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Agented only #MSWL things I want across YA and adult: crossover fantasy (contemporary and not), magical realism, rom coms, rom sads, family stories, witches, vampires

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PARANORMAL: uncommon shifters like in Paranormal Princes by Charlie Cochet, Latinx witches, every day magic, magical academies, something like The Worst Witch but YA/NA, diverse culture gods and creatures, re-telling’s with a modern spin and diversity #mswl

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Vicki Lame
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#MSWL Retellings, magical realism, Gothic settings, witches, vampires, genre bendy things, anything you would comp to one of my own books (Agented only)

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I'd love to see books in MG, YA, Adult with WITCHES.
✔POC voices
✔Neuro diversity
✔magical realism/realistic with fantastical elements
All a plus! #MSWL

Shelly Romero
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Shelly Romero @_smromero

Last year, the PW salary survey reported that Latinx people only made up 3% in the industry.

As a Latina editor, I can use my acquiring power to buy and booze the stories of Latinx people. And this is how I can do my part for #DignidadLiteraria.

Agents, my MG & YA #MSWL is:

✨ Contemporary; slice of life; coming of age; LGBTQIA+; coming out stories
✨ Mysteries and adventures
✨ Paranormal/supernatural especially brujxs, witches, vampires, wolves
✨ Plays with tropes