Carlisle Webber
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I like witches, vampires, and some fairies. I am not the right agent for talking animals, dragons, or anything with a portal #MSWL

Quressa Robinson
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I like good books. I cannot lie. MFA @ColumbiaSOA . Fire Nation. Agent @folioliterary @foliojr . Hella Bay. Lover of Dragons. Sith Rights. PW Star Watch Finalist
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Nivia Evans
Senior Editor at Orbit/Redhook. PW Star Watch Superstar 2020. Openly Black. I read things...all the time.

Would love to read something dark and gothic and black and witchy that feels like Prudence Blackwood x Ambrose Spellman meets Only Lovers Left Alive #mswl

Caitlin White
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editor | associate agent @emeraldcitylit | formerly @hellogiggles @bustle | big fan of shark movies and em dashes (she/her) 🫀
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Contemporary WITCHES and covens. #YA and #MG, but keep it grounded in this world—think: The Craft or Practical Magic. I'm also on board with other #magicalrealism in styles of Laura Ruby, Anna-Marie McLemore, Emily X.R. Pan, Katrina Leno, Ibi Zoboi's American Street #MSWL

Lynnette Novak
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Literary agent at The Seymour Agency. See my pinned tweet for deets. (she/her)
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New add to my #MSWL. I'm looking for rom-coms with magical elements or paranormal: witches or nerdy werewolves/shifters come to mind... IOW, something different from what we've seen in paranormal romance in the past + funny & lighthearted. #WritingCommunity #amquerying #amwriting

Isabel Kaufman
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literary agent @foxliterary , lighting lanterns at the crossroads of literary and speculative fiction. goose girl & katabasis enthusiast.
Allison Hellegers
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| Literary Agent & Rights Director | Stimola Literary Studio | she/her | Forests and libraries are my temples. I'm ok with spoilers. 🏳️‍🌈
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Can someone please write a magical book about a girl with ADHD who is also a witch and call it FOCUS POCUS? #mswl

Ameerah Holliday
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“The very time I thought I was lost, / My dungeon shook and my chains fell off” Dancer | Poetess | Revolution | Agent - Serendipity Lit | Opinions are my own

I’m feeling inspired. Send me your stories with Black witches! I wanna read them. #MSWL

Bridget Smith
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aka Breda. Literary agent at JABberwocky. Co-host of @ShipAndHandling publishing podcast. Plays with swords in free time. Way too long-winded for Twitte
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Sarah Guan
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Rebecca Kuss
senior editor @ rick riordan presents+disney hyperion. @DVpit_ program manager. 🇰🇷✡️. she/her.
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contemporary fantasy!! i want it!! ESPECIALLY (really only) if it draws from diverse folklore and/or reimagines evergreen fantasy elements (witches, vampires, chosen ones, etc) with BIPOC at the center of the story 👸🏽🧙🏽‍♀️🧜🏿‍♀️

Cortney Radocaj
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literary agent @belcastr • she/they • queer • neurodivergent • query me at
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Priyanka Krishnan
Senior Editor @orbitbooks . Formerly of @HarperVoyagerUS and @randomhouse . @MedillSchool alum. Views are my own. She/her.

I don't know whether it's the season, or just 2020 in general, but I am craving a warm and wise and magical witchy story right now, brimming with sisterhood and secrets (historical or contemporary). Bonus points if it has a compelling romance! #MSWL

Samantha Fabien
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✞ 🇭🇹 literary agent @rootliterary || pan🌈 || i’m the ultimate hype woman™️ for great people & great books—she/her✨📚🌗
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Until I find them, I desperately want BIPOC witches and/or psychics!! Each culture has its own mythology that deserves to be showcased. Let’s dive deep!

Amanda Jain
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Jemiscoe Chambers-Black
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Associate Agent @AndreaBrownLit -Authors & Illustrators. Wife, mom of 3, MFA grad, & former Asst. Director for film & TV.

Wait! Did I tell you I LOVE ghosts or witches? No? Well, please share all of your ghosts and witch stories. 👻 🧙‍♀️ #MG #YA #A #MSWL

Jemiscoe Chambers-Black
Literary Agent
Associate Agent @AndreaBrownLit -Authors & Illustrators. Wife, mom of 3, MFA grad, & former Asst. Director for film & TV.

Since I'm opening back up for queries tomorrow, I thought I'd share some--not all--of my #MSWL must-haves.

1st up, I want a pair of witchy sisters or witchy friends with ancestral magic wrestling angry restless spirits in a dark setting, like a swampy, marshy woodland.

Kaitlyn Johnson
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Still here for witches. Please & thanks.

Especially modern witches. Crystals. Herbs hanging from kitchen ceiling and running a clinic in town with remedies that don't poison you with chemicals.
Maybe solving a murder or two along the way 😉
#amagenting #querytip #amquerying

Jemiscoe Chambers-Black
Literary Agent
Associate Agent @AndreaBrownLit -Authors & Illustrators. Wife, mom of 3, MFA grad, & former Asst. Director for film & TV.