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brooklyn, new york

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alli hellegers @allidhellegers · 30 Dec 2019

Indulging in #Dickinson  and now dying to find a YA novel that strikes that balance/tone of absurdity/sexiness/intelligence heart 🎭💞 #mswl #yanovel #amagenting - open again to queries on 1/6/2020

alli hellegers @allidhellegers · 24 Oct 2019

Speaking of #PitDark and #MSWL, does anyone have a thriller as nuanced and developed as the Swedish book/film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN? What that book did for (spoiler alert) vampires I'd like to see your book do for...surprise me.

alli hellegers @allidhellegers · 24 Oct 2019

I’d like to find the voice of a modern middle grade Punky Brewster please #MSWL

alli hellegers @allidhellegers · 24 Sep 2019

#MSWL send me your timeless books for middle grade readers that will encourage kids to get off their screens, appreciate the natural world and have real social interactions. (Although a great text message exchange in a book is also fun if it feels real!)

alli hellegers @allidhellegers · 24 Sep 2019

#MSWL I'm looking for strong YA/adult crossover titles with voice, sense of place, and a unique POV. Keep momentum going. Also, please something with a unique format or story structure that will be appeal to reluctant readers.