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Founder of the Keyes Agency, LLC. Bookish. Short. Invisible Disability. Brooklyn, NY. She/her
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I am going to open again to queries next Monday. I would really like to see a romance (either YA or mainstream adult) that will sweep me away, a character I will fall in love with in chapter 1, and to add more diversity to my list overall. #mswl QueryManager.com/1621

Bethany Fulk Hendrix
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at Spencerhill Associates• YA writer • Lover of all things Disney and chocolate

I am so excited to announce that I am now at Spencerhill Associates! AND I am now open to queries! Head to the Spencerhill website to see what I'm looking for and get your queries in my QueryManager! So excited for this new adventure.

Nadia El-Fassi
SFF Commissioning Editor @orbitbooks . Fantasy and rom-com author. Powerlifter. MA in Poetry. Muslim. Bi 🏳️‍🌈. She/they. Views my own. 🇲🇦/ 🇦🇺

polite request to agents to send me more trans romance on sub. there's a romantasy boom people, send me some spicy trans love affairs, I'm begging #MSWL

Hillary Fazzari
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Agent @Bradford_Agents |🗡️📜🏰 Rep’d by @HerringAli

#MSWL Remember those YA romantic dystopian books from 10-15 years ago? LEGEND, SHATTER ME - I even count HUNGER GAMES here. I'd LOVE to see some new, fresh romantic dystopian!

(No plague-based books or books where the world is dystopian because it's misogynist, though, please.)

Corvisiero Agency
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New York City Boutique Literary Agency where Amazing Authors find Professional Literary Representation.
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For Marisa, her favorite tropes in romance are the ones that make the readers second-guess themselves, starting off with stronger emotions only to find themselves falling in love with the LI, at the same rate the MC does!
#MSWL #WritingCommunity

Jill Marr
Literary Agent
Literary agent, baseball mom, wine lover, cake eater--not necessarily in order of importance.

Folks, I am thrilled to announce that I am FINALLY opening to submissions again in June. I'm looking for my usual #MSWL but especially interested in seeing...
Dark and spicy romance
marginalized voices
dark academia
fantasy 1/

Molly Ketcheson
Literary Agent
Agent @wolfsonliterary | St Andrews ‘22 | Creative Writing & Publishing MA | A hopeful writer | Probably listening to Taylor Swift right now

A personal reading update in case it’s helpful to see what I’m into right now! I adored How To End a Love Story & Funny Story. I’ve loved Yulin Kuang since her YouTube days, and her debut is funny, romantic, & emotional. And, of course, EmHen remains the romcom queen. #mswl

Amanda Ferreira
Editor, Random House Canada 🐧🏠 Chinese-Canadian • She/Her • ENTANGLED WITH AN ELF PRINCE (Oct 12/22) • #mswl adult romance, SFF, historical, mystery/thriller

I realized I haven’t updated my #mswl in a while, so here’s what I’m currently on the hunt for:

🗡️ BIPOC romantasy
💜 queer contemporary romance (drown me in tropes!)
🐉 myth retellings with a twist
🇨🇦 Canadian authors
🧭 Dan Brown-esque mystery/thrillers

Katie Gisondi
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sub rights associate and lit agent at @LDLiterary 🤗

I don't see enough queer monster romances or paranormal romances!! where are my vampire boyfriends and trans merpeople and werewolf lesbians? #mswl

Thais Afonso
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Freelance editor. Publishing professional. Writer, sometimes. thaisafonso(.)(b)sky(.)social Literary Agent Mentee at azantianlitagency.com
Natascha Morris
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Senior Lit Agent at Tobias Literary Agency, kidlit all the way. QueryManager: QueryManager.com/natascha bookshop.org/lists/teamnat
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Nina Leon
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#MSWL I would LOVE to see pen pal contemporary romance queries. Love letters are 😍

Catherine Hedrick Armstrong
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Lit agent at @TPurcellAgency (thepurcellagency.com). Leader of #TeamCathie . Header courtesy of @kwrites4 .
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New on my #MSWL when I reopen is a paranormal mystery in the vein of @Ll20Victoria 's GHOST HUNTER series (Dang, I miss that series!) or @JulietBlackwell 's WITCHCRAFT MYSTERIES...but with a super-strong romantic will-they-or-won't-they sub plot.

Lauren Spieller
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Literary Agent @TriadaUS | Author of Books for Young Adults | Check my website for book info & query status. I love dogs like it's my job. She/Her
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I really want to see more YA Fantasy in my inbox. Romantic Fantasy, grounded/contemporary fantasy, paranormal fantasy. Light magic, spooky magic, bizarre magic. Dark, frothy and fun, ALL OF IT. #mswl

Anjanette Barr
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Agent @ Dunham Literary, Author, YouTuber, mother of four in Juneau, AK. 💕📚💕🫖💕🥃💕 Member AALA, SCBWI, Alaska Writers Guild, Catholic Writers Guild.

And this Fall I’ll circle back to Adult fiction in other categories, including fantasy, historical, and romance. Keep reading for details. 🧵

Amy Nielsen
Literary Agent

I'm EXCITED to share I'm opening back up to submissions in June with a narrowed #MSWL . I'm looking for Adult Queer or Neurodiverse (ND) representation (MC or SC) in Contemporary Romance or Contemporary Fiction. I can't wait!#amquerying

Amanda Maurer
Editorial Assistant
mostly here for baseball & books. | acquiring editorial assistant @berkleypub . opinions my own! | she/her

Sending this out into the publishing ether: I am chomping at the bit for sports romances right now!! Professional, minor leagues, community rec teams - give me all the sports and allll the competitive vibes!! #mswl #sportsromance

Jill Marr
Literary Agent
Literary agent, baseball mom, wine lover, cake eater--not necessarily in order of importance.

Planning to take in a rugby game with my bestie soon and it got me thinking...I really think I need to see a rugby romance soon. #MSWL

Nina Leon
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Associate Agent: @perez_literary MSWL: manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/nina… QM: QueryManager.com/NinaLeon Editing: nina-rachel-leon.co.za

I've officially gone through all my queries. So, it's time for a short #MSWL

My focus right now is contemporary ❤️romance❤️
-Rom-coms with fantastic humour (I love sarcasm) and layered characters
-Navigating dating/love/heartbreak as a millennial
-Sports romance!