Tia Rose Mele
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I read for a living. Jr Agent and Audio Rights at Talcott Notch, send me: MG, YA, & some adult! Fights internet trolls. she/her queryme.online/TiaMele
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For someone who loves baseball as much as I do, it’s a surprise I don’t have a baseball book yet. I’m SUPER picky when it comes to my fave sport, but a good baseball book (f or nf!) is always high on my #mswl

Cortney Radocaj 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙
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literary agent @belcastr • writer • ISFJ • she/her • bisexual • neurodiverse • punk at heart
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I’m always wanting this but like

Reading sawkill girls recently has made my want for f/f a goddamn obsession


Especially ones with girls made of razor-edges shards and anger and spite—I NEED IT


P.S. Literary Agency
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“Middle Grade: luscious fantasy based on myths/traditions from non-Western culture.” @msmariavicente #MSWL mariavicente.com/representation

Laura Zats
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Founder & Agent @HeadwaterLit . Host of the award-winning @printrunpodcast . Publishers Weekly industry MVP. She/her. Open to queries!
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Brittany Carter
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I am a Literary Agent and co-founder at The Booker Albert Literary Agency!

#mswl I'm looking for romantic comedies, and slow-burning romances. No non-fiction, historical novels or memoirs. I'm very selective with YA/NA but will take a look if the plot pulls me in!

Em Lysaght is open to submissions
Literary Agent
Literary agent at @ladderbirdlit ★ Here for graphic novels, YA, Sci-fi, Fantasy, That👏Gay👏Shit👏 ★ ✉️: EmLysaght@Ladderbird.com ★ She/her
Sylvan “stay inside” Creekmore
editor at @StMartinsPress and @WednesdayBooks | opinions mine | she/her sylvan.creekmore@stmartins.com
Kiki Nguyen
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YA/Adult Agent at DMLA. Samwise Gamgee. She/her. I smile a lot/make inappropriate jokes 🌈🦄💜 Half-hour pilot, DATING INDIA, rec’d on Liz Alper’s grid.
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Megan Broderick
Assistant Editor
I like romance novels. hockey fan. Asst. Editor at Harlequin Series (opinions are just mine though!). she/her. There’s gonna be lots of retweets, sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️
Erica Bauman
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Literary Agent at @AevitasCreative , writer, cat lady, musical theater superfan, TV watcher, unhealthy foods eater, she/her. All views are my own.
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Heather Cashman
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All things wordy, generally nerdy. Associate Literary Agent, Agent Mentor @StormLiterary I want all the books...😍 (MG and YA for now)
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I love books that force us to have an internal debate about a subject, especially when it makes us see the villainous tidbits of our personalities and helps us change into a better version of ourselves.

Ali Herring (is closed to queries)
Literary Agent
Asst. Literary Agent, Spencerhill Associates. Twin mom+1. Eclectic in life & books. I♥️Jane Austen & SFF in equal doses. Human. Uses ‘ya'll.’ Proud Atlantan.
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Kristine Swartz @KristineESwartz

Why can't we support a woman for president. We expect women to raise a family but not a nation? twitter.com/nytimes/status…

Can I please, #MSWL, have an adult fiction written documentary style (as if memoir maybe, or interview style like SLEEPING GIANTS) where a woman becomes president and overcomes all the crap.

Erin Clyburn
Literary Agent
Associate Agent @JDLitAgency . Copy Editor @foodandwine . MA in Children's Lit from @hollinsu . Southerner. Bunny owner. Lover of all things horror.
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I’m mostly staying out of #PitMad today, mostly, but please query me if you think we’re a good fit. Right now I’d love to see something YA or A that’s really lyrical & literary, something with a super lush, immersive setting. & as always I’m dying for MG. #MSWL

Naomi Krueger
Acquisitions Editor at @BeamingBooksMN . Mama of 2 little boys. Tweeting about books, family, and making the world a better place. Opinions are mine.

Agents, if you snag something great today that would be a good fit for @BeamingBooksMN please keep me in mind! Send me a DM if you need my email address. #PitMad #kidlit #PB #OwnVoices #MG #CB

My #MSWL: naomikrueger.com/about/mswl/

Molly Ker Hawn
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Literary agent. American/British. Always curious. Submission guidelines at thebentagency.com/submission-gui…
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Jessica Faust
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President & founder of BookEnds Literary Agency, author advocate, optimist, & professional pain in the ass. Runs on coffee, wine, & laughter. She/Her
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Carolina Ortiz
🇨🇱❤️💜💙Associate Editor @HarperChildrens | @PocPub Co-Director | @LatinxinPub Mentorship Co-Director | Lover of bookstores y tequila | She/Her| Avi @emcormar
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Soooo I'm just going to pop in to say that a Sisterhood of Traveling Pants like friendship story with an all queer and/or POC cast of character has been on my #mswl for aaaawhile.

Zabé/Z.R. Ellor
Literary Agent
MAY THE BEST MAN WIN (Roaring Brook, May 18th 2021) + fantasy books | associate agent @JDLitAgency | queryme.online/ZabeEllor | rep: @RedPenKaitlyn | he/him
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#MSWL MG fantasy with an unlikable female protagonist