Cortney Radocaj 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙 @CortneyRadocaj · 30 Dec 2019

Dark dark dark DARK. GIMME DARK

And just to be clear—this doesn’t mean “make it as bloody/gross/crude/disgusting as possible (i.e. violence for no reason, sexual assault, etc.). I’m talking themes. Emotions. Difficult—impossible—decisions. Angry, conflicted protagonists.

Cortney Radocaj 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙 @CortneyRadocaj · 30 Dec 2019

Lyrical voices in YA. This is ALWAYS a want, in every genre I accept.

Cortney Radocaj 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙 @CortneyRadocaj · 30 Dec 2019

YA fantasy! I’m all about witchy blood magic—darker is better (does anyone see a trend here yet). Queer! Enemies to lovers! Magic with consequences! Tangled friend/family relationships! Unique plot lines with lots of tension/conflict! AND DON’T FORGET THE KISSING I NEED KISSING

Cortney Radocaj 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙 @CortneyRadocaj · 30 Dec 2019

Haven’t found my novel written in verse yet—particularly wanting this for YA!! Contemporary preferred—again melancholy, mental health/queer centered, darker is better. DYING FOR LYRICAL VOICES HERE.

Cortney Radocaj 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙 @CortneyRadocaj · 30 Dec 2019

Still DYING for horror—give me Haunting of Hill House vibes. Give me trauma. Give me deep dark black emotions. Give me anger. Give me layered relationships and feelings.

Cortney Radocaj 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙 @CortneyRadocaj · 30 Dec 2019

YA contemporary! I’m dying for a queer story revolving, especially one revolving around mental health. I want unique concepts and HIGH STAKES and lots of conflict. I tend to be drawn to more melancholy tones in contemporary—but adore humor and light sprinkled throughout!

Eliza Swift @elizaswift · 30 Dec 2019

Thinking on my 2020 #MSWL and what I'd really like to see in my inbox are monstrous girls (maybe literally!) and the cinnamon rolls that love them

alli hellegers @allidhellegers · 30 Dec 2019

Indulging in #Dickinson  and now dying to find a YA novel that strikes that balance/tone of absurdity/sexiness/intelligence heart 🎭💞 #mswl #yanovel #amagenting - open again to queries on 1/6/2020

Happy HollZABÉs ⛄️🌲❄️ @ZREllor · 28 Dec 2019

#MSWL I want diverse fantasy novels comped to The Witcher, please

Meggnog 🎄 ~ Closed to Queries Until 1/6/20 @Megan_Manzano · 28 Dec 2019

#MSWL for the new year pt 6: stories with Latinx characters and their families in a contemporary setting. Stories steeped in magical realism.

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 26 Dec 2019

I finally updated my #MSWL page on my website:

I'm still closed to queries, but take a look and if your book fits, query me after January 13th! :)

Amanda Jain @wensday95 · 26 Dec 2019

TFW all your library holds come in during your winter break 😍 #mswl

Happy HollZABÉs ⛄️🌲❄️ @ZREllor · 26 Dec 2019

Current adult sci-fi #MSWL

Epic gay love stories in space
#ownvoices stories about women of color finding their place in a vast galaxy
Complicated, morally grey characters

Meggnog 🎄 ~ Closed to Queries Until 1/6/20 @Megan_Manzano · 26 Dec 2019

#MSWL for the new year pt 5: stories with dual or multi-POVs, especially if it's a group of friends. I want to see POVs that bounce off one another, add tension, or really grow the dynamic between the characters.

Emily S. Keyes 💜 @esc_key · 25 Dec 2019

I think I would like a story about a child who goes abroad for Christmas and is aghast at different cultural practices only to realize the spirit of Christmas is universal. Or something sappy and multi-cultural. #mswl