Elizabeth Copps


Associate Agent @ Maria Carvainis Agency. Florida native. Prosecutor of the passive voice.

New York, NY

Maria Carvainis Agency

Elizabeth Copps @escopps · 4 Oct 2018

Historical novel based on Marguerite de Bressieux. Go. #MSWL

Elizabeth Copps @escopps · 30 Nov 2016

Young protagonists wise beyond their years. Think: Meg Murray, Delphine Gaither, Oskar Schell #MSWL

Elizabeth Copps @escopps · 13 Sep 2016

In MG: A hero or heroine with the spunk and magic of Matilda. @MaraWilson's memoir put that amazing character back on my radar! #MSWL

Elizabeth Copps @escopps · 13 Sep 2016

In fiction: Multicultural settings. Let me experience new ideas, issues, family traditions, (and food!), vicariously. #MSWL

Elizabeth Copps @escopps · 13 Sep 2016

It's #MSWL Day! In romance: Adult and YA quirky love stories. Or psychologically driven material w/ romantic element...

Elizabeth Copps @escopps · 30 Jun 2016

It's #MSWL Day! manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/eliz…

Would also love to see a YA murder mystery a la Christopher Pike's Remember Me series...

Elizabeth Copps @escopps · 13 Jun 2016

Guys, I'm a reverse genie in a bottle! manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/eliz… #MSWL ...who wants to grant my wishes?