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carolyn wang @commabund

#AskAPL What's on your MSWL? Are there any subjects you'd love to see more writing on?

#AskAPL Platformed health & wellness prescriptive NF, narratives about running, food, sustainability. Books that help us live better. Fresh romance & voicey romcoms, twisty mysteries with great sense of place. Surprise me!

Amanda Jain
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A few specific #mswl bits I'm on the hunt for at the moment: character-driven sci-fi (THE LAST WATCH), gothic horror (THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE), immersive mystery (Attica Locke's Highway 59 series), and journalistic nonfiction (Patrick Radden Keefe is a favorite).

Lori Galvin
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Literary agent | Aevitas Creative Management | she/her | opinions my own 📚
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I am almost caught up with queries! 😲 In addition to what I have highlighted in my #mswl, I'd love to see more captivating historical fiction as well as gothic fiction. Cozy culinary mysteries too! #HF #GF #amquerying #writingcommunity

Karen Chaplin
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#mswl I am looking for middle-grade mystery. Mysteries were one of my fav things to read and watch as a kid. Take me back to The Goonies and Encyclopedia Brown with mystery, adventure, friendship, and an element finding yourself.

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#mswl Would also love a mg or ya adventure or mystery set in the OBX. Plus pirates would be great. Own voices A-A male or female protagonists would be ah-may-zing.

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2. Older YA, especially if you have a story about a teen who elects not to go to college
3. Hopeful, funny, romantic
4. Emotionally-fraught, grounded thrillers and mysteries
5. Paranormal!!
6. Experimental, inventive storytelling

#mswl cont ⬇️

James McGowan
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Mystery/Crime: Think Tana French, Attica Locke, Steph Cha and SA Cosby
Domestic Suspense: Think Ashley Audrain, Lucy Foley and Ruth Ware
#MSWL 2/4

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#MSWL Middle Grade Mystery w/a girl protag! Think THE INHERITANCE GAMES but for middle grade (not that exact concept; I’m just giving an example of 🔥-high-concept mystery). Fast plotting. Short chapters. Chapter cliff hangers, pls. Commercial but some emotional nuance too pls!

James McGowan
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Associate Agent & Social Media Mgr. @bookendslit Debut: GOOD NIGHT, OPPY w/ Graham Carter (@boydsmillskane, 9/14/21). Pre-Order links below! Sitcom Junkie.
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Hey Twitter. Some updates to my #MSWL:

My picture book list is quite full, so I am TEMPORARILY closing to PBs. I remain open to illustrators.

I'm very eager to find: ADULT mystery, crime, domestic suspense and horror/speculative fiction.

Carrie Pestritto⁷
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I am dying...DYING...for an amazing Victorian era/Gilded Age mystery or thriller. Find it for me, universe! #mswl

Jenn Baker (she/her)
Writer, Sr. Editor @AmistadBooks , @MinoritiesinPub #podcast , Baking enthusiast. Books: EVERYDAY PEOPLE (2018), FORGIVE ME NOT (2022). *Opinions are my own.*
Caitlin White
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editor | agency assistant @emeraldcitylit | formerly news @hellogiggles , books @bustle | BOS to YOW | big fan of YA, shark movies, and em dashes (she/her)

I'm dying (lols) to get a locked-room mystery #YA. I want high stakes, high energy, and I want to be guessing who did what and why and then be surprised that I was wrong. Send it if you've got it! #MSWL

Ashley Herring Blake
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💫 I would looove a cozy mystery in the vein of FINLAY DONOVAN IS KILLING IT, but make it queer and from a BIPOC creator. Non cop-centric lighthearted mystery with some serious patriarchy ass-kicking & maaaaybe a sexy time or two. Not steamy necessarily, just sexy. #MSWL

samantha s. fabien⚜️
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hi all ~ putting out a call for #mswl items I want to see more of:

(especially featuring marginalized POVs & casts by marginalized writers!)

• contemporary romance/ rom-coms in YA & Adult with wit, heat, humor & heart

• thrillers/mysteries/suspense in YA & Adult 1/?

Jenny Chen
senior editor, ballantine bantam dell @randomhouse . Plots murder for a living. 🔪 Unhinged plant mom. Opinions are mine. She/her.
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Kelly Thomas
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Junior Literary Agent at Serendipity Literary Agency. Lover of dogs, books, Christmas trees and the ID station... in that order.

I’m actively looking for a fast-paced mystery/thriller/crime manuscript with twists, turns & jaw dropping moments: MG, YA or adult. Send a query with the first 50 pages of the MS to #MSWL #crimefiction #thriller #mystery #crime @The_CWA @EdgarAwards

Danielle Kaheaku
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📚 It's #PitMad today! I am so excited! If I hit like on your pitch, sendthr first 6k of your manuscript & personal info to I'm looking for romance, fantasy, thrillers, mystery, NA, YA, or a combination of all! #readict #MSWL #PNR @ReadictN 📚

Lynnette Novak
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Literary agent at The Seymour Agency. I'm actively building my list. See my pinned tweet for deets. (she/her)
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If I missed your #PitMad pitch, send query & 1st 5 pages to:… #A: horror, thriller, cont. romance, & mystery. #YA: thriller, horror, SFF, mystery, & cont. #MG: SFF, mystery, cont., & horror. #PB #ownvoices #diversity #MSWL #BVM #OwnVoices

Dawn Dowdle
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#MSWL Mysteries, including cozies, historicals, traditional, PI; Suspense; Romances, including Amish, Inspirational, Sweet, RomCom, Western, Historical, Suspense; Pictures Books (600 words and less preferred), Middle Grade Mysteries, True Crime, Cookbooks