Susan, A Graham at NYCC @Grahamophones · Sep 24

My #mswl hasn't changed - still wanting books about clowns & queerness related to trickster figures, still wanting all types of found families, still wanting MG horror & spoop, I would LOVE more picture book illustrators, & a comedic YA protag coping w ED (incidental, not plot).

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · Sep 24

MG stories about family, in all shapes and sizes! #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · Sep 24

I love quiet magic, MG fantasy that showcases small wonders rather than earth-shaking feats. #MSWL

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · Sep 24

Send me all the creepy MG! Something eerie and spooky, but not too gory (more Coraline than It). Make me worry about the things that go bump in the night. #MSWL

Marisa DiNovis @dinovisms · Sep 24

Please send me the YA (or MG? Not sure!) on the #opioidcrisis. Possibly from the perspective of a student journalist personally impacted by it who to their core needs to DO SOMETHING about it?? I have a lot of feelings on why the kidlit world needs this; send it to me. #mswl

Maria Vicente @msmariavicente · Sep 24

And to round out my Middle Grade #MSWL with some speculative items: chilling horror is always my jam, and I want to read your luscious, weird, wow-this-worldbuilding-is-fantastic fantasies.

Elana Roth Parker @ElanaRoth · Sep 24

My MG #MSWL is basically this: if Rick Riordan Presents would publish it, I want it. Epic fantasy adventures that I haven’t seen million times already. With humor and loads of imagination.

Maria Vicente @msmariavicente · Sep 24

I would also love contemporary Middle Grade novels with a strong emphasis on nature: animal stories, environmental themes, unusual settings. #MSWL

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Sep 24

I'm definitely looking to add to my MG list! I love some contemp. MG that deals with tough issues, MG fantasy, and MG sci-fi (yes, sometimes even the space kind here). I'm SUPER picky about MG voice though, so just send it in and see what happens! =) Maybe I'll love it! #MSWL

Maria Vicente @msmariavicente · Sep 24

I'm consistently wishing for more Middle Grade novels in my inbox, especially ones based on myths and traditions from various cultures. I love learning about regional histories, real or not, through stories and lore. #MSWL

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · Sep 24

#mswl I’d also REALLY like to see more MG. A few recent favorites:

- The Science of Unbreakable Things by @taekeller
-the Kiranmala series by @Sayantani16
-A Good Kind of Trouble by @Leeseray
-Pie in the Sky by Remy Lai

Meg-O'-Lantern 🎃 @Megan_Manzano · Sep 24

I'd really love some speculative contemporary YA or MG. Creepy woods. Elemental powers. Out of body experiences. Alternative worlds.


Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · Sep 24

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller

Omg MG #mswl

I’d love to see a MG with a fun premise that still tackles social skills + behavior, in particular one that explores the strengths of kids who feel “different” #mswl…

Molly Cusick @molly_cusick · Sep 24

#MSWL: #ownvoices #MG or #YA protagonists with chronic illness, pain, and/or a disability in a story not focused on that, and where no one dies--it's just a part of life. This kind of rep is important to me & I rarely see it in subs or published books.

Alex Slater @abuckslater · Sep 24

I’m wishing for creepy #MG, serious literary #YA, and graphic novels especially by marginalized author/illustrators! #MSWL

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Sep 24

So I found my witch writer, my pirates writer, and my ballet writer this year! WOOO!!! What am I looking for next?...

...Sci-Fi, gaming, and dystopian/futuristic sci-fi. I'm not a space opera person though! Sorry! #MSWL This goes for MG and YA! =)

Melissa Edwards @MelissaLaurenE · Sep 24

There’s been discussion on this delightful medium about MG and periods, so write it and let it flow my way (the pun is there) #MSWL

Brent Taylor @btaylorbooks · Sep 24

I have an empty query inbox and an updated #MSWL page:…. Can't wait to read great picture book, middle grade, + YA submissions.