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Senior Literary Agent at Writers House. Dual citizen of the Midwest and NYC. Here to talk books, theater, and tennis. Played by Donna Murphy on Quantico.

New York, NY

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Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · Apr 23

In which my affection for Joel Gray only grows...

Playwrights, I am happy to read any Ghostlight YA, middle grade, or picture book manuscripts you write. #amagenting #mswl…

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · 2 Oct 2019

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent

Listen to those lyrics sung by and to a transwoman. The meaning is only elevated and deepened. They make more sense. They meet today. I haven't seen the show as a whole, but I can only imagine that casting people of color does the same.

These choices apply to writing just the same. I am interested in inclusion that is just this purposeful, layered, and (as James Cordon so perfectly says) "beautiful." I want to see a YA with this Seymour and Audrey. #MSWL

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · 29 Mar 2018

Tommy Vietor @TVietor08

Still pissed at me.

Librarian friends, has there ever been a picture book starring a dog in a cone (am I missing something obvious)? If, here is your inspiration. #mswl

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · 29 Mar 2018

And a Becky book about a girl who is at the top of her class and together, but who her boyfriend is and who her family is means she is probably never getting out of small, Midwestern, middle class town...and she knows it. #mswl

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · 29 Mar 2018

And YA with a the high school Darlene Conner, all in black, surrounded by family who doesn't know what to do as she dies her hair in the sink. Not a capital D depression book, but a book about how things change when coming of age doesn't go smoothly. #mswl

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · 29 Mar 2018

Always looking for the next Darlene Conner, middle grade with a "To Whom It Concerns" protagonist a middle of the country tomboy who is sharp on the outside and may seem too big for her surroundings but still very much just a kid & wants to be loved. #mswl

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · 15 Mar 2018

Mark Kelly @ShuttleCDRKelly

I used to have an identical twin brother. Then this happened....…

Though I am not one for high fantasy or SF, I would raise my hand and say "me, me, me" for a YA set in the near future, back on earth that began with this sentence. #mswl

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · 13 Mar 2018

Ava DuVernay @ava

This girl is glorious. @StormReid #WrinkleinLondon

#MSWL chapter book or middle grade novel. Here is our protagonist. Here is the feeling that pervades the book... JOY.

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · 5 Feb 2018

I have said it before and I say it again. Give me a Middle Grade from the p.o.v. of a girl like Tess or Annie. They are my favorite characters on this show I love a lot. #mswl (Spoiler in the video).…

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · 26 Oct 2017

I want a chapter bk/MG novel from Annie Pearson's pov (or a girl who's a lot like her). This scene killed me. #mswl…

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · 12 Sep 2017

Is it a YA novel that passes the Bechdel test? I'm into it. #mswl