Eva Dietrich


Literary agent specializing in children's and young adult's literature. Founder of ALADDIN BOOKS & MEDIA AGENCY. 📖


Aladdin Books & Media Agency

Eva Dietrich @aladdinbooks · May 11

#mswl Seeking historical fiction and non fiction on past pandemic outbreaks

Eva Dietrich @aladdinbooks · May 11

#mswl Looking for middle grade graphic novels that bring exceptional art, strong storytelling

Eva Dietrich @aladdinbooks · Feb 20

Also looking for cute, warm picture book about family love & support #mswl

Eva Dietrich @aladdinbooks · Feb 20

Looking for unputdownable (though credible) romantic YA trilogy for teen girls #mswl

Eva Dietrich @aladdinbooks · 9 Nov 2019

Looking for YA high stakes thriller series with historical background, romantic arc & high ethics #MSWL