Kaitlyn Johnson @RedPenKaitlyn · 5 Jul 2019

#StrangerThings3 is legit the MG novel we all want. Kids breaking into shit? “Taking down commies, saving your friends”? Yes please.

Kerstin Wolf @Kerstin_Wolf · 3 Jul 2019

#MSWL Send me a modern take on The Addams Family in MG, YA, or adult! If anyone has a manuscript like this, send a query to me before I close to queries on July 12th! #mswl #amagenting #WritingCommunity

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · 2 Jul 2019

So happy to be featured in @scbwi's July newsletter! I'm actively taking on new clients--check out the interview to see what's high on my #mswl and learn more about me as an agent:… #amagenting #querytip

Carolina Ortiz @pushthepanorama · 1 Jul 2019

Between Pride and Copa América, I've got two new #mswl. The first: send me your MG/YA own voices projects starring genderqueer, non-binary, and trans protags. I'm especially trying to get more transmasc representation out there

Laurel Symonds @LaurelSymonds · 1 Jul 2019

I had such an amazing time at #alaac19 and in New York! After wonderful conversations with my TBA colleagues and many editors, a few updates to my #MSWL: coming of age literary MG, young illustrated MG, and (still!) contemporary YA, especially diverse voices and/or a rom com.

beth phelan, here sometimes @beth_phelan · 30 Jun 2019

technically closed to queries but aching for more submissions from Native / Indigenous authors, MG or YA, of course. send my way with “Native voice” in the subject line 💚💚 #mswl #amquerying

John Cusick @johnmcusick · 28 Jun 2019

Hey gang I'm on the hunt for more amazing MG. Looking for touching and thoughtful stories a la @JoKnowles, @josephinewrites, and @kellyyanghk, as well as quirky and surprising a la @Qsosnaspear, @TraceyBaptiste and @mollybrooks. #MSWL

chrysa_keenon @Chrysa_Keenon · 25 Jun 2019

Hey, #MSWL! Is anyone #writing about a quirky/spooky summer camp? MG or YA, I'd just love to see a story in my inbox that captures my heart the same way Gravity Falls did ❤️🌲💫 #amquerying

Ann Leslie Tuttle @AnnLeslieTuttle · 25 Jun 2019

#MSWL Would love to find women's fiction, thrillers and Middle Grade submissions that incorporate popular science and STEM themes. Love richly evocative stories that have a strong sense of the natural world.

Claire Draper 🏳️‍🌈 @draper_claire · 24 Jun 2019

I want MTV’s new show Drag My Dad as a middle grade book #MSWL #MG

Linda ~washing hands~ Epstein @LindaEpstein · 24 Jun 2019

Jessica Russak-Hoffman @HoffmanJess

@LindaEpstein Staying open to Jewish YA in case I have anything to send you while you're closed?

Replying to @HoffmanJess

I'll be closed to all submissions except for two very specific things I've been looking for for years:
1. a queer feminist re-telling of the Book of Esther
2. a MG or YA set in the Shanghai ghetto (Hongkou)

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · 23 Jun 2019

Ayo #authors! I've got some time to explore a library of submissions. 🤓Send me your #YA or #MG masterpieces! #scifi #mswl #Kansas #Roadtrip

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · 21 Jun 2019

There's always been something really magical to me about the solstice--I would love to see a middle grade or YA in which something truly magical happens on the longest day of the year. #MSWL

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · 18 Jun 2019

Hello Tuesday, and hello writers. I am hungry for more young adult and super hungry for middle grade submissions, too! If you're querying either, please consider sending your work way. Thank you! #mswl