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Saritza (Open to queries!) @LitAgentSaritza · Jan 14

I’m not seeing enough #lesbianromance in my query inbox! THIS MUST BE REMEDIED! #mswl

Saritza (Open to queries!) @LitAgentSaritza · 9 Sep 2019

Would love to see more historical fiction featuring the #borinqueneers and their distinguished careers. Give me a historical romance featuring a Borinqueneer GI and I’ll be all over that! #MSWL

Saritza (Open to queries!) @LitAgentSaritza · 11 Aug 2019

Yes, give me all the girl power stories! #MSWL

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Another quick post about writing female characters!

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Saritza (Open to queries!) @LitAgentSaritza · 7 Aug 2019

Watched #Descendants3 and favorite character is Facilier’s daughter. Would love to see a book about a family like the Faciliers who are practicing tarot readers with connections to “the other side.” #MSWL

Saritza (Open to queries!) @LitAgentSaritza · 17 Jul 2019

#MSWL Especially YA featuring women from Puerto Rico who joined the Nurse Corps. J. R. Eyerman Group of Us Army Nurses Relaxing During Stopover on Guam En Route to their Final Destinations via @pinterest

Saritza (Open to queries!) @LitAgentSaritza · 16 May 2019

Because I was talking about it today and still haven't seen any in my #queries. I'm still looking for #fantasy in adult and young adult inspired by Mesoamerican folklore. #MSWL… via @RealmofHistory