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Champion of underdogs. Nerdy Agent @FuseLiterary . Likes the hero, but LOVES the villain.

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Tricia Skinner @4triciaskinner · Jan 15

OPEN TO QUERIES: Please note the genres I rep or don't rep. Adult, young adult, and middle grade. Authors in marginalized communities encouraged to query. #mswl

Tricia Skinner @4triciaskinner · 27 Feb 2018

#MSWL I'm inhaling graphic novels like whoa. If you create them, or know someone who does (they should match my mss wish list), don't be shy. Gimme!

Tricia Skinner @4triciaskinner · 27 Feb 2018

#MSWL Any funny or light-hearted mss w/ BIG dogs included in substantial way? I never see big dogs, like my Great Danes, in books. The dogs are always those pocket-sized thingies.

Tricia Skinner @4triciaskinner · 27 Feb 2018

#MSWL I can't get the animated film "The Breadwinner" out of my head. Beautiful, jarring, sad, strong, hopeful... all the emotions. I really want MG or YA with cultural depth.

Tricia Skinner @4triciaskinner · 27 Feb 2018

#MSWL If you binge-watched "Altered Carbon" on Netflix and have a SFF mss full of jaw-dropping tech, cool characters, heart-thumping action, & tension that won't let go...

Tricia Skinner @4triciaskinner · 25 Aug 2016

Jaye Cheríe @jayecherie

@4triciaskinner what about suspense or thriller? #mswl

Replying to @jayecherie

I'd love to sign a thriller writer (esp military/spec ops!). I'm no longer seeking romantic suspense. #mswl