Carlisle Webber
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Literary agent at @FuseLiterary 📚 Princess on the outside, villain on the inside 🖤 She/her, Ms. 👸🏼
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I’d love to take on more #MG and #YA horror, so here are some details on that: #MSWL #amquerying #amwriting

Sam B. Farkas
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Foreign Rights & Agent at Jill Grinberg Literary. History dork. Gritty fanatic. Licorice connoisseur. She/her. Writer rep’d by @patricianels

Horror! Things that keep me awake at night! If it can comp to MEXICAN GOTHIC or Hill House/Bly Manor (or Pan's Labyrinth, my perennial fave), I want to see it! #mswl

Alexandra Sehulster
editor @stmartinspress , @minotaurbooks , @wednesdaybooks . Books and giant pieces of cake rule my life. She/her. Opinions my own.

In young adult:

-Romance! Rom com all the way through "the universe must have put us together" love.

- voice-driven contemporary set against a big, pivotal point in the MC's life

-psychological horror that has something bigger to say about who we are as a society #MSWL 5/7

Alexandra Sehulster
editor @stmartinspress , @minotaurbooks , @wednesdaybooks . Books and giant pieces of cake rule my life. She/her. Opinions my own.

-what I'm calling the "rom dram," or romantic drama, with deep emotional conflict, rather than plot-driven drama

-social thrillers and horror w. commercial pacing, but have a deeper level of weight to them about something that occupies the social consciousness today #MSWL 3/7

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“I am interested in a variety of YA genres: contemporary, magical realism, horror, mystery, thriller, and light fantasy. I enjoy literary prose combined with a strong voice and high concept.” @msmariavicente #MSWL

🏳️‍🌈 Patrick (he/him) - Literary Agent 🏳️‍🌈
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Associate Literary Agent @ Bond Literary Agency | Reader | Runner | Hiker | Husky Dad | Gay | Bookclub Leader | English Instructor
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Honestly, I wish I could be an agent for every author in the world. Keep flooding my inbox and I’ll keep reading as much as I can.

I’m still looking for anything horror. Like seriously scare me. WAY MORE LGBTQ from romance to memoir to coming out. And running!
#mswl #amquerying

Lauren Spieller
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Twitter Valkyrie | Literary Agent @TriadaUS | Author of YOUR DESTINATION IS ON THE LEFT + SHE'S THE WORST. I love dogs like it's my job. She/Her.
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Thao Le
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Stephanie Stein @stephlystein

While it's still pitch dark outside by 5:30, I'd be extremely down for a middle grade ghost story, agent friends #MSWL

YES!!! I'm always a fan of ghost stories. MG horror, YA horror, even the occasional adult horror... Halloween and spooky things are my jam! #mswl

Amanda Jain
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Literary Agent repping adult fiction and nonfiction @bookendslit . You can query me at Books, books, books, always books. she/her
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Carlisle Webber
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Literary agent at @FuseLiterary 📚 Princess on the outside, villain on the inside 🖤 She/her, Ms. 👸🏼
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Erin Clyburn
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I'd love to see in my queries:

- Atmospheric, woodsy, lush horror like THE YEAR OF THE WITCHING (YA, A)
- Domestic/psychological thrillers by BIPOC authors (A)
- Scavenger hunts (MG, YA, A)
- Eerie spec fic in isolated settings (CATHERINE HOUSE, THE WATER CURE)


Kristin Temple 🎈 is catching up on subs
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Assistant EdiTOR @TorNightfire . Florida native. Chaotic neutral, horror fan, Broadway lover, and wannabe dragon. Opinions are my own. she/her. disaster 💖💜💙
samantha s. fabien⚜️
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Diana M. Pho 📚 #Edits4BlackSFF winners announced!
3-time Hugo Award-nominated #AuntieEditor . Story Producer @serialboxpub . Formerly Tor/, SFBC. Queer. Geeky. Sociopolitical. she/her

*waves to all of the new followers from #DVCon*

Some handy things about me:

- I acquire sci-fi🚀, fantasy 🦄, & horror👻 for adult and YA at @serialboxpub
- #MSWL Profile…
- My first love is books📚, my second is Earl Grey 🫖

Quressa Robinson ❄️☃️(she/her/queen)
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Once again, I am opening my heart to horror, my first true love. Please give me psychological and creepy, gothic, thrillery, moody and atmospheric, dark. Think Lovecraft Country and Crimson Peak. Get my heart racing, make me hesitant to turn the page. But no gore. #MSWL

Ali Herring
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Asst. Literary Agent, Spencerhill Associates. Twin mom+1. Eclectic in life & books. I 💙 Jane Austen & SFF in equal doses. Uses ‘ya'll.’ Proud Atlantan.
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Really happy to see my MIDDLE GRADE HORROR list growing with @saskwriter and @Lora013's debuts. I'm always looking for horror across the board from MG to YA to Adult, though not of the gross-out variety, but do give me eerie, tension-filled, scary with heart! #MSWL #MG #horror

angeline rodriguez
book editor @HachetteUS @orbitbooks , ajena 🪐🇻🇪, some words @dailydot @WeAreMel , h town vicious, views my own

HORROR either in the lush, gothic, Crimson Peakian vein with sputtering candles, twisted family trees, forbidden corridors, etc.; or with a modern-day edge that cuts straight down to the nervy quick of our current moment, and would make Ari Aster or Jordan Peele proud #mswl

Mary Altman
She/Her LGBTQIA+ gamer, geek, book nerd, and Sourcebooks editor. All opinions are my own.

I'd really love a ghostly horror story that is one part all those sea shanties we can't stop listening to, one part The Lighthouse, and a dash of The Terror. Even better if it's BIPOC and LGBTQIA+. #MSWL

Maggie Kane
Literary Agent
There is always time to read. Always. Junior agent @IGLAbooks Unconventional Leo, textbook middle child. Opinions are lurking, they are just mine. She/her

Eternally wishing for an eerie, emotional horror story that could be compared to the Babadook. Or, Practical Magic. Give me a real family, with real traumas and challenges, at the center of the supernatural or otherworldly