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Lori Galvin @galvinlori · Mar 2

Updated my #MSWL. For #fiction I would love the next Something in the Water/Catherine Steadman or The Whisper Man/Alex North. Romantic suspense, romcoms, & juicy and/or heartfelt fiction a la Elizabeth Strout or Liane Moriarty. I like to laugh and cry. bit.ly/2Tztzdu

Lori Galvin @galvinlori · 18 Dec 2018

#writers I'm not against alcohol, but I feel like I'm getting a hangover from some submissions, esp. #thrillers and #suspense. Protagonists drinking bourbon, tequila, whatever, straight (and frequently) doesn't convince me she/he/they are strong or tough or complicated. #mswl

Lori Galvin @galvinlori · 30 Jun 2016

Food version of The Devil Wears Prada. Sweet/Bitter isn't it. #MSWL

Lori Galvin @galvinlori · 30 Jun 2016

Would love a modern retelling of House of Mirth. #MSWL

Lori Galvin @galvinlori · 30 Jun 2016

Modern etiquette shot thru with humor. #MSWL

Lori Galvin @galvinlori · 30 Jun 2016

This might be most specific of all. Looking for a narrative on blue cheese that is captivating! #MSWL