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Kidlit agent w/@mansionstreet. I also make jewelry and write craptastic books. Some people think I'm funny. You should probably be worried about those people.
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#MSWL Gothic horror. Or as some are now calling it, dreadpunk. Southern gothic. Small towns with big secrets and possibly a ghost or two.

Jessica Watterson
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Literary Agent. QueryMe.Online/1101
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#MSWL time! American #H and #A #R , preferably CA Gold Rush, Civil War, or early settlers America. I know I'm weirdly specific. ;)

Alec Shane
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Literary Agent at Writers House, LLC. Wannabe Patriots sportswriter. ashane@writershouse.com
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#MSWL Horror of all kinds - but preferably no were-things, vampires, or zombies.

P.S. Literary Agency
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Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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Horror like 1st Halloween movie or The Babadook (NOT Saw) w/ chilling atmosphere & great hook! @kurestinarmada #MSWL bit.ly/1aqPTe4

New Leaf Literary
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New Leaf Literary & Media is a full-service literary agency representing clients in all forms of fiction and nonfiction for children & adults. #teamnewleaf
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Peter Knapp
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Lit agent with @parkandfine representing kid lit with enthusiasm! petejknapp.com
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Maria Vicente
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Senior Literary Agent at @PSLiterary helping make book dreams come true from The Maritimes. 📚🌊🏳️‍🌈🤷🏻‍♀️
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