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I hadn't updated my actual #MSWL page since starting the new agency, but I did so today--if you're interested, you can find a more detailed discussion of what I'm looking for in submitted projects this coming year here:…

Kortney Price
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Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries~
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I want to see more super-atmospheric haunted houses & ghosts for MG, YA, & adult.

Christa Heschke is open to queries
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Caitlyn Averett is on hiatus
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General #MSWL stuff: magic/spells gone wrong, ghosts, resurrections, possessions, the end of the world scenarios, characters who get themselves into weird/messed up situations that push them to their emotional limits, & friendship stories, especially friendships that ended badly.

victoria (ອໍາມະລາ)
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Another item on my wishlist: anything nonfiction involving the paranormal & supernatural (fyi one of my longtime favorite shows is ghost adventures!) #mswl

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I love ghosts. I especially love ghosts in novels who can do just about anything living people can do, who just happen to not be currently, well, alive. #MSWL

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#mswl - I would love a fresh take on YA paranormal: vampires or werewolves like we've never seen them before, or a sprawling ghost story. Something that feels both grounded and also epic in terms of it scope and stakes.

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I've been on a #horror kick and would love some more in my inbox. I tend to gravitate towards psychological horror, or ghost stories. #MSWL

Think Jennifer McMahon, Hill House, Paul Tremblay.
I'm not one for demons and creatures or what have you.

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I'd love to see supernatural & ghost stories, adult or YA. Bring on the eery, haunting, or Gothic. #MSWL

Moe Ferrara is in need of coffee
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#MSWL - #MG: I will always want more creepy AF middle grade. Always and forever. Give me lyrical voices and atmosphere for *days* and I will love you. Ghost stories with a twist. Creepy carnivals. Alternate worlds a la Coraline. GIMME GIMME PLZ.

Cate Hart
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I’d love to see some horror but more psychological, ghosts, family secrets ala The Haunting of Hill House. YA or A. #MSWL

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No matter the time of year, I ALWAYS want to read more stories about witches, ghosts, mermaids, and other magical beings. Spooky and spoopy stories are welcome. 👻🎃 #MSWL

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Spooky PBs! 👻🖤✨💀🎃

Ghosts, haunted houses, cobwebs. I would die for a picture book about rusalka.

See How to Make Friends with a Ghost for my spooky book crush, as well as an upcoming picture book called The Ugly Doodles by my client @vwicker2478. #MSWL

Alyssa Jennette is closed to queries!
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Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries~
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Lastly (I think), ghost stories, for MG/YA/adult. Did anyone out there also grow up with Kathryn Tucker Windham's Jeffrey books? Give me ghost stories for people who grew up loving the Jeffrey books. #MSWL

Stacey Graham
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**I am closed to queries until April 2020**

#MSWL day! Top of the list:
- ghost stories (adult/MG)
- weird nonfiction
- how-to books (adult/kids)
- smooching books

Other wishlist-y things found here:

Plenty of time to write, see you in April!

Michelle Witte - closed to queries
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But not just ghost stories, but anything dark and creepy. I just watched We Have Always Lived in the Castle (which is fantastic, btw), so creepy/gothic with an unreliable narrator is a plus. #MSWL YA/MG only.

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