Jessica Mileo
Literary Agent
Lit. Agent at @Inkwellmgmt | #BlackLivesMatter |🇨🇺 in publishing | 🌈 She/Her | My opinions are my own
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-- ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING -- Love me a ~quirky~ murder mystery that's funny and heartfelt. I'd love to see this across age groups.

Jessica Mileo
Literary Agent
Lit. Agent at @Inkwellmgmt | #BlackLivesMatter |🇨🇺 in publishing | 🌈 She/Her | My opinions are my own
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-- TURNING RED -- Give me all the coming of age middle grade novels and graphic novels! The more embarrassing, funny, relatable, the better.

Jessica Mileo
Literary Agent
Lit. Agent at @Inkwellmgmt | #BlackLivesMatter |🇨🇺 in publishing | 🌈 She/Her | My opinions are my own
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Re: period & puberty discourse from #TurningRed, I'm actively looking for middle grade novels that addresses these topics! Give me all the earnest (slightly cringe but still funny) coming of age MGs that grapple with these 'taboo' issues or just include them! #amquerying #mswl

Carolina Ortiz
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There's so much to love about #TurningRed but one of the many things it does well is explore puberty for girls in a really engaging way. I desperately want to see this in the MG space, give me books that deal with puberty for girls in all its awkward and funny ways #MSWL

Margaret Sutherland Brown
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Tiffany Shelton (she/her) on hiatus until 2022 🎄
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Asia Harden
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More in YA…
- edge-of-your-seat mysteries
- character-driven multi-generation stories
- smart, funny, emotional characters in the upper YA space like Fangirl or Emergency Contact

Erica Bauman
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @AevitasCreative , writer, cat lady, musical theater superfan, TV watcher, donut obsessed, she/her. All views are my own.
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-eerie & haunting atmospheric horror where the source of the fear reflects something deeper. No gratuitous violence/gore—I want to be creeped out, not grossed out.
-swoony, sharply funny romcoms w/ chemistry that sizzles

Reeves Hamilton
Literary Agent
Literary agent at the Vertical Ink Agency, looking for innovative sci-fi and speculative upmarket fiction. See the website for query guidelines.

#mswl SF (broadly defined) & speculative literary. But weird. I want more weird. Absurdity. Humans with two heads and shit. Stuff that's funny & dark. Books that go too far.

Andrea Morrison
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at Writers House, MFA from @ColumbiaSOA , would love to see work at

I’m open to queries again & I’ll be sending out some #mswl requests here and there! The first is for more #ya; I’d love to see rom-coms, family dramas, friends sticking together. I love dramas but I’m also in the mood to laugh right now; pls bring on the funny! #amwriting

Rachel Stark
Editor at @DisneyBooks ; formerly @01FirstSecond & more ▫️ House Stark; more of an Arya than a Tony ▫️ Opinions my own; pic @JarrettWilliams 's ▫️ she/her
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🌟Campy, fun, & funny stories for middle graders & teens that fully commit to the bit while maintaining a strong heart at their core
▫️Think: Lumberjanes, Cucumber Quest
🌟Early reader GNs w/ unforgettable characters, particularly human protagonists, & a strong sales hook #MSWL

Alex Arnold
Senior Editor of YA, MG, & picture books @quirkbooks

In picture books and board books, I’m looking for concept-driven, funny, sweet, and joyful read alouds that you’d immediately identify as a perfect baby shower or new baby gift

Kurestin Armada
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @RootLiterary . Specializes in science fiction, fantasy, & graphic novels for all ages.
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I am completely up to date on queries and nearly so with requested MSS (just 3 in the queue!) so am in dire need of more! Please send your "comps to KJ Charles" specfic romance, Hannibal-esque sexy horror, dark academia, MG mysteries, and all your funny stuff to the front #MSWL

Kari Sutherland
Literary Agent
Agent at KT Literary; Book Lover; Parent; Co-author of The Menagerie series; (Former) Traveler. Jigsaw Puzzler. Veronica Mars extra. She/her
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Genres I'm on the hunt for:
MG fantasy, MG literary contemporary, YA humor, YA fantasy, YA rom-com, Upmarket Women's fiction.
#MSWL - international settings, folktale re-imaginings, funny friendship banter, twisty YA thrillers, multiple POV, found family.

Analieze🎄is CLOSED to Queries!✨❤️
Literary Agent
Writer💕| Associate Literary Agent @HKLiterary : A, YA, MG, PB & Illustrators | Former @Disneyland Cast Member🐭💚|
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In YA, I’d love to see:
☀️RomComs—enemies to lovers from diverse voices
☀️Contemporary—stories that deal with illness. Funny heart-warming stories that build on friendship & family
☀️Sci-fi—with a romance thread
☀️LGBTQ—centered on love/growth


Claire Harris || Literary Agent
Literary Agent
thriller fanatic, rom com addict, acquiring literary agent @psliterary - she/her
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Actively seeking fun / funny gift books, especially with a lifestyle twist to them. Open to a really wide range of topics on this one, so be creative! #MSWL

Marie Lamba
Literary Agent
Author of GREEN GREEN, A DAY SO GRAY, WHAT I MEANT..., DRAWN, and OVER MY HEAD. Literary Agent at Jennifer De Chiara Literary. My opinions are my own.
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Loved reading THE 12 DATES OF CHRISTMAS - debut by Jenny Bayliss. A fun, cozy and smart rom-com of a book. I've been looking for manuscripts like this in my querymanager inbox for ages. Smart, funny and fresh stories that can become the next great chickflick. #mswl @JDLitAgency

Claire Friedman
Literary Agent
Lit Agent @inkwellmgmt // Doesn't fully understand how to operate the Tweeter

Speaking of humor… I’m looking for anything with a darkly funny sensibility. Ottessa Moshfegh is an all-time fave, along with books like THE NEW ME, YOU, or MY SISTER THE SERIAL KILLER, and TV shows like White Lotus.

Ali Herring
Literary Agent
Literary Agent, Spencerhill Associates. Twin mom+1. Eclectic in life & books. I💙Jane Austen & SFF in equal doses. #TeamSpencerhill 👽 “Ali-ens." ⚾️🎨🎭📚
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#MSWL when I reopen in January, one thing (not the only thing) I'll be looking for is a lot of genre stuff that is very either funny or satirical or slightly weird, or quirky. Think genre+this. Scifi, fantasy, romance, speculative, thriller, action/adventure, horror--kid & adult.