Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Feb 7

Agents: Forever and always, I'd love to edit a YA or MG with an MC who is a rapper. A man can dream! #MSWL

Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein · Feb 7

#MSWL Send me a #mglit or #YAlit story that reclaims women's/girls' voices in history. Not necessarily a rewrite/historical, although those are fine, too. Might be a side story to a larger plot.

Hilary Harwell @HilaryHarwell · Feb 7

Very actively looking for culturally-rich, underrepresented #ownvoices authors/projects right now. Immersive, standout, strong writing. #MSWL #YA #MG #amwriting

Superstitious Graham @staceyigraham · Feb 5

#MSWL: Witchy sisters ala Practical Magic & Hocus Pocus. (Adult or MG)

Rebecca Sherman @RebeccAgent · Feb 5

I have said it before and I say it again. Give me a Middle Grade from the p.o.v. of a girl like Tess or Annie. They are my favorite characters on this show I love a lot. #mswl (Spoiler in the video).…

Joanna Cardenas @joannananamc · Feb 4

“...those who can’t place the concept of home in an easy-to-stow-away box.” #mswl #mg #kidlit…

Alexandra Weiss @akaweiss · Feb 2

Like many astronauts, Kalpana Chawla was one of my idols growing up. I would love to find a #kidlit story about her in some way or form. #MSWL #PB #MG
“People remember Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian woman in space”…

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · Feb 1

I want a middle grade humor book. My favorite is THE MORTIFICATION OF FOVEA MUNSON. Give me something quirky and offbeat, but still kid friendly. #MSWL

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · Jan 31

Great meetings with @aejerman & @katieheit today! A key takeaway (hearing this a lot): we need more middle grade. Queries, please! #MSWL

Kortney Price @kortney_price · Jan 31

I am absolutely dying to see some MG adventure or survival stories in my inbox! Shipwrecks, deserted islands, mountains, forests, deep sea diving, lost in the big city... whatever you've got I'm probably looking for it! #mswl

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · Jan 31

I absolutely love quirky #MG. Really looking for a special project that addresses a serious issue but with incredible humor and heart. I love stories that make me smile through my tears! #MSWL

beth phelan @beth_phelan · Jan 31

ICYMI, I’m open to queries! And last night, I requested my first full manuscript from slush at GZLA. These queries have been INCREDIBLE so far. Please keep them coming! For my #MSWL, check out this:


Carlisa Cramer @carlisajc · Jan 30

Looking for great MG and YA historical fiction! Show me a new angle of history through the lens of compelling characters #MSWL

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · Jan 30

#MSWL Still looking for fiction projects that shed light on a forgotten, yet significant, person or event in history. Can be #WF, #A, #MG, OR #YA