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I would be over the moon if I could acquire a captivating LGBTQ RomCom for YA readers. #MSWL

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This week has felt like a year, so please send me some fun contemporary! Give me all the MG and YA goofiness that makes me giggle and gives me all the feels. I’m ready to open my inbox and smile🥰 #MSWL

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BRIGADOON meets THE GOOD PLACE #MSWL either YA GN or YA prose.

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People who cheat get so demonized, which look it’s charged emotions and shitty betrayal, but cheaters are people too? And that’s the kind of character I want to follow in contemporary YA. Well, specifically the person who sleeps with their bff’s partner. #mswl

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No joke! I'm open to queries again!

Open until June 30! Updated #mswl here:…

PB/CB/MG/YA/GN, fiction & nonfiction, and adult nonfiction

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I recently reread ALMA AND HOW SHE GOT HER NAME and it’s truly one of my all time favorites. I’d love to see more projects in my inbox exploring the things—names, food, places—that connect us with the generations before us. PB (author-illustrator only), MG/YA novel, GN. #mswl

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Maria Vicente @msmariavicente

Throwing a new #MSWL into the universe: a YA historical fiction about disco subculture! 🕺🏿

I’m particularly interested in a story that explores:

🌀disco’s beginnings in Black and queer communities

🌀 the commercialization and appropriation of the genre as it gained popularity

🌀 the (racist and homophobic foundation of the) anti-disco movement


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I'm dying (lols) to get a locked-room mystery #YA. I want high stakes, high energy, and I want to be guessing who did what and why and then be surprised that I was wrong. Send it if you've got it! #MSWL

Amy Giuffrida
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Just watched the finale of Superstore. I’d LOVE a YA version of this—diversity is a must. I mean reality is that high schoolers and college kids truly run most fast food restaurants, retail stores, and grocery stores, especially at night. Oh and the antics... #MSWL

Emilia Rhodes
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Agents, I'm in the mood for some epic YA contemporary in my submission inbox! That moment that changed everything, that person that shifted the way you see the world, that secret you kept, or that summer you'll never forget. #MSWL

Amanda Rutter
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...authors in various genres so you can see if you might fit my tastes.

YA: Patrick Ness, Holly Bourne, Maggie Steifvater, Laini Taylor, Amie Kaufman, Zoraida Cordova, Julia Kagawa, Roshani Chokshi, Leigh Bardugo (4/?)

Samantha Wekstein is closed to queries
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#MSWL A YA rom com based on this Tik Tok series (or with similar vibes to this larger friend group)

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Some Good News @somegoodnews

"I knew there was a special soul behind that wall." ❤️🥺

Thank you Giorgio and Emil for reminding us what pure neighborly love and kindness looks like.

📹: giorgio_lp_ on TikTok

#mswl A or YA. Music has such healing powers, brings people together. I’ve always wondered about musical neighbors sharing walls (wouldn’t it be neat if...?) & finally meeting (a meet cute, a healing remedy like these two) or never meeting @ all but finding peace w one another...

Ashley Herring Blake
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💫 In YA or MG, I’m looking for contemporary only: sapphic rom coms, f/nb roms, or super voicey contemporary from BIPOC creators. #MSWL

samantha s. fabien⚜️
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• gothic and horror in MG, YA, and Adult that haunts you with its writing as much as the subject matter (not one for gratuitous gore)

• contemporary fantasy with fresh hooks, strong character dynamics, immersive worlds, & romance subplots.

also see:

samantha s. fabien⚜️
Literary Agent
✞ 🇭🇹 Literary Agent @RootLiterary . Pan🌈. I’m the ultimate hype woman™️ for great people & great books— she/her✨📚🌗
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hi all ~ putting out a call for #mswl items I want to see more of:

(especially featuring marginalized POVs & casts by marginalized writers!)

• contemporary romance/ rom-coms in YA & Adult with wit, heat, humor & heart

• thrillers/mysteries/suspense in YA & Adult 1/?