Rachel Yeoh
Literary Agent
Associate Agent to Madeleine Milburn at the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency @MMLitAgency

I am very excited to find new writing talent this year, so if you happen to be submitting your manuscript, please do think of me. I am keen to find something transportive, evocative and voice-driven! 📚 madeleinemilburn.co.uk/agents/rachel-…

#MSWL #MSwishlist

Jessica Felleman
Literary Agent
Agent @JLyonsAgency1 , Writer, Marshmallow enthusiast she/her more active on IG @jmfelleman query me: jfsubmissions (at) jenniferlyonsliteraryagency (dot) com

Would love to see upmarket novels about the complex lives of women told through a great narrative voice like in The Push by Ashley Audrain or The Mothers by Brit Bennett #mswl

James McGowan
Literary Agent
Literary agent, author, sitcom enthusiast, professional snacker... @bookendslit (he/him)
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I've opened back up to queries, looking for adult fiction: #mystery, #suspense, #thriller, #bookclub and #upmarketfiction. More info on what I'm looking for + my QM link here: bookendsliterary.com/myauthors/jame… #MSWL

Stephanie Doig
Editor @ Harlequin's Carina Press. She/her. Opinions are all mine.
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Contemporary romance! I'm looking for two different things here: first is complex, emotional, upmarket contemporary—think Kate Clayborn or Lucy Parker. Love caretakers for this, especially if they’re kind of grumpy/seem uncaring on the outside. #mswl

Olivia Maidment
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @MMLitAgency | she/her

If you are looking to submit your manuscript in 2023, do consider sending it my way! I'm looking for new clients writing literary, upmarket, and bookclub fiction - historical and contemporary - as well as select narrative non-fiction 📚 #MSWishlist #MSWL madeleinemilburn.co.uk/agents/olivia-…

Katie Greenstreet
Literary Agent
Dog mom, Duke fan, expat. Recovering lawyer turned agent @paperliterary

And finally: I'd love a timely upmarket thriller with a ripped from the headlines hook and killer characters. Think ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL or PEOPLE LIKE HER.

Claire Harris
Literary Agent
thriller fanatic, rom com addict, acquiring literary agent @psliterary - she/her
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Upmarket women's fiction that explores issues we tend to minimize or ignore as a society. #MSWL

Maria Vicente
Literary Agent
senior literary agent + advisor @psliterary
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Upmarket speculative fiction. Grounded fantasy, magical realism, retellings of fairy/folk tales, horror. The majority of my favourite books of all time live in this genre. #MSWL

Maria Vicente
Literary Agent
senior literary agent + advisor @psliterary
195 MSWL
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330 Queries
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Maria Vicente @agentvicente

I suppose it’s that time again. A new #MSWL thread for the new year! 🤞🏻 pic.twitter.com/wIlpiwFUSl

Let’s start with literary fiction, because that’s what I’m the most eager to read as 2023 begins. Contemporary voices, unusual storytelling structures, complicated platonic and romantic relationships, upmarket genre novels. I want beautiful prose with a splashy concept. #MSWL

Cecilia Lyra
Literary Agent
Storyteller & Storyseller / Associate Literary Agent @PSLiterary ✍🏽 Co-host of @TSNOTYAW podcast 🎧 Feminist. Latinx. Immigrant. Reader.
142 MSWL
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FICTION: I am open to ALL genres. I gravitate toward books by women, for women, whether commercial, upmarket, or literary. My taste is eclectic: I adore feel good stories filled with levity and humor *and* dark novels that unsettle and disturb.

Rachel Stark
Editor of graphic novels, novels & IP @DisneyBooks ▫️ House Stark; more of an Arya than a Tony ▫️ Opinions my own; pic @JarrettWilliams 's ▫️ gender’s a lie🤷‍♀️
147 MSWL
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⭐️Upmarket contemporary romance with substance, centering characters of traditionally marginalized identities (think Furia, Felix Ever After)

Rachel Stark
Editor of graphic novels, novels & IP @DisneyBooks ▫️ House Stark; more of an Arya than a Tony ▫️ Opinions my own; pic @JarrettWilliams 's ▫️ gender’s a lie🤷‍♀️
147 MSWL
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So what do I want? My musts are:
⭐️big bets with high-concept commercial hooks, expert plotting and pacing, & lead-title potential
⭐️upmarket and unforgettable writing/art
⭐️a strong sales hook that can be summed up in an intriguing line or two #MSWL

Caroline J. Trussell
Literary Agent
junior literary agent with @metamorphlitag , mental health advocate/warrior, reader, indie/self pubbed author. INFJ & Capricorn😇 (she/her)
Ismita Hussain
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @greatdoglit Founding Member @DisabilityinPub Open to Queries: querymanager.com/query/IsmitaHu… MSWL & more info on website!
1 Queries

New year, new website! You can find all the info on agenting things, a detailed #MSWL, etc. at ismitahussain.com. #amquerying folks, check out that Manuscript Wishlist page :)

Claire Friedman
Literary Agent
Lit Agent @inkwellmgmt // claire@inkwellmanagement.com// Doesn't fully understand how to operate the Tweeter

Claire Friedman @clairefriedman8

Doing my 2023 #mswl wishlist early this year, because Twitter might implode at any second! Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what I’m looking for (in all age ranges!) for 2023:

Upmarket fiction! Anything with a big hook and accessible writing has my name all over it. Does it feel like something your book club would love? Send it my way! Recent faves include LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY, TRUE BIZ, TOMORROWx3, and CARRIE SOTO. The bigger the concept, the better!

P.S. Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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"Send me your commercial/upmarket rom coms with exes who cohabitate/co-parent-but where it’s not the exes who get together."
@readbystephanie #MSWL


Abby Saul
Literary Agent
agent at The Lark Group (@LarkWords), reader of books, hiker of trails | she/her
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Catch-all #mswl: Adult mystery/thrillers, book club/upmarket, women's, historical, & contemporary fiction. Make me laugh and cry, transport me to someone else's life, surprise me. Some faves are here, come join them on my shelf: manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/abby…

Queries reopen 12/1!

Julie Fergusson
Literary Agent
Literary agent with @northlitagency .

Accessible literary and upmarket reading group. Beautiful writing with something to say. A novel that digs into an issue or theme and introduces me to nuanced, unforgettable characters, all structured around a plot that keeps me turning the pages. #mswl

Margot Belet
Literary Agent
Berlin-based literary agent | Looking for English- and Dutch-language popular fiction (fantasy, detective fiction, romance, nature nonfiction 🦕) | she/her

#amquerying authors: I'm dying to find the perfect Cosy Fantasy (Comp: T.J. Klune) and/or the nerdiest, puzzle-or footnote-filled upmarket Literary Fantasy (Comp: R.F. Kuang's BABEL). Send similar manuscripts my way! 😍 #MSWL (PS: Animals are a plus! 🐧)

Laura Southern
Literary Agent
Associate Agent at @WolfLiterary • SFF Writer • Musician • #AMM • Likes nature magic, feminism, and villains • Rep: @ChelseaBigBang

For Adult: I’m also interested in romcoms, fantasy romcoms, and upmarket fiction. I love books set in the South with queer narrators, and I gravitate toward sharp, witty prose. 💖