Rachel Stark
Editor of graphic novels, novels & IP @DisneyBooks ▫️ House Stark; more of an Arya than a Tony ▫️ Opinions my own; pic @JarrettWilliams 's ▫️ gender’s a lie🤷‍♀️
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⭐️Thrillers, psychological horror, supernatural, mystery, and speculative fiction that radically represents and explores queer, female, and BIPOC rage, revenge, and reclamation of power (think Elatsoe, Iron Widow, Sadie)

Caroline J. Trussell
Literary Agent
junior literary agent with @metamorphlitag , mental health advocate/warrior, reader, indie/self pubbed author. INFJ & Capricorn😇 (she/her)
Lynnette Novak
Literary Agent
Literary agent at The Seymour Agency. See my pinned tweet for deets. (she/her)
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#MSWL 2/?
-contemporary MG and YA issue books, where the issue is NOT the main focus
-MG and YA romances #LGBTQ+, as well as M/F
-jaw-dropping, twisty thrillers in both YA and adult fiction
-traditional mysteries with a fresh twist and a hint of romance but NOT romantic suspense

Angela Kim
Also 김미나 🇰🇷 Associate Editor @berkleypub @penguinrandom and HSP. Never not obsessed with my dog. She/her. All opinions are my own!

#MSWL for 2023: give me all of the gen-z/millennial suspense/thrillers by marginalized voices. twisty plot with truly unexpected turns, unforgettable characters, witty dialogue, socioeconomic commentary. pls it will give me renewed life

Julie Gourinchas
Literary Assistant
she/they 🌿 literary flâneuse @BLM_Agency . 🇫🇷🇺🇸 in 🇬🇧. intellectual (non-practicing). likes: literary fiction, cheap wine, Aragorn II Elessar. views mine.

absolutely fascinated by the ongoing fall of FTX/crypto and would definitely not mind seeing a smart, incisive literary thriller on the subject 👀 #mswl

Amanda Jain
Literary Agent
Literary Agent repping adult fiction and nonfiction @bookendslit . You can query me at QueryManager.com/AJain. Books, books, books, always books. she/her
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Feels a bit like tweeting into the void, but before this bird app fully tanks I would really love it if someone sent me a mystery/suspense/thriller with some Mare of Easttown vibes. #MSWL

Claire Friedman
Literary Agent
Lit Agent @inkwellmgmt // claire@inkwellmanagement.com// Doesn't fully understand how to operate the Tweeter

Thrillers! I’m famously hard to surprise, so anything with a twist I don’t see coming is an auto “yes.” Ruth Ware, Riley Sager, Megan Abbott, and Lucy Foley are my go-tos, but I would love to read something that can put a fresh twist on the genre (think THE MAID or "Knives Out.")

SLA Literary Agency
Literary Agency
A boutique literary agency with international reach, Susanna Lea Associates has offices in London, Paris and New York. instagram.com/sla_agency/

We have recently updated our London wish list following the arrival of our new agent @theresecoen. Looking for both adult and children’s fiction.
Check out our list here: susannalea.com/about/london/l…

Looking forward to reading!!
#MSWL #amquerying

Abby Saul
Literary Agent
agent at The Lark Group (@LarkWords), reader of books, hiker of trails | she/her
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Catch-all #mswl: Adult mystery/thrillers, book club/upmarket, women's, historical, & contemporary fiction. Make me laugh and cry, transport me to someone else's life, surprise me. Some faves are here, come join them on my shelf: manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/abby…

Queries reopen 12/1!

Julie Fergusson
Literary Agent
Literary agent with @northlitagency .

Crime/thriller. A strong hook. A killer plot. Impossible-to-ignore characters. Think simmering tension and unbearable suspense. (Not currently looking for police procedurals.) #mswl

Anissa Dorsey
Literary Agent
Lit Agent for Graphic Novels and Prose of various genres and demos. Prepping pitches and Taking Queries at QueryManager.com/2099 NOW. MSWL to come... Right?!
Liza DeBlock
Literary Agent
Reader 🤓 Rower 🚣🏻‍♀️ Baker 🧁 Always looking for the next great book. Bookseller Rising Star 2022. Foreign Rights Executive at @MushensEnt .

#Thrillers!!! I love relatable characters who get put in situations I would NEVER want to be in. I love exotic locations dripping with atmosphere. I love relationships where what is left unsaid creates tension. I also need to be launched into the next chapter!

Vicky Weber
Literary Agent
Assoc. Lit Agent at @tpurcellagency ❤ Children's Books Author + Publishing Coach - Repped by @eastwestlit 🇵🇷

Surprise! I’m opening to queries November 1st-18th! While I love picture books, I have a lot of them on sub so I’m hoping to find:

-YA fantasy, paranormal, or horror (no gore!)
-Adult fantasy or thrillers
-MG mystery

Shannon Snow
Literary Agent
Literary Agent & Audio Subrights Manager at CMA. Mom of adult kids, owned by 4 chihuahuas, wife to a homemade soapmaker hubby, lover of books & their creators!
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Really looking for some great #PsychologicalThriller or #horror stories right now! Either adult or ya! Also, I’m on the lookout for some great romcoms! So in other words, I want you to spook me, but then I’ll laugh about it. 😉 #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency
Literary Agency
Representing a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling and debut creators.
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"Send me thrillers (legal, medical, political, etc.) and mysteries (cozy, private eye, police procedural, etc.)"


Fergus Inder
Literary Agent
Junior Agent - High Spot Literary @highspotlit // boy with paperback shoved into pocket of op-shop blazer // Northwestern grad 🐱// 🇳🇿🇺🇸
Asia Harden
Editorial Assistant
editorial assistant at FSG BYR (@mackidsbooks) ☆ @columbiapubcrse & @olemiss alum ☆ 1908 ☆ grace upon grace ☆ all thoughts my own

things I’ve been dying to see in my inbox #MSWL

- unapologetic female protagonists
- revenge stories
- retellings with a twist
- mythology, meddling gods
- smart mystery thrillers
- spooky middle grade
- royals!!

Kelly Peterson
Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @reesagency . Twitter Valkyrie. Philadelphian. Pisces. She/her. Multitasks #LikeABoss . Gandalf of #TheFellowship . Tweets are my own.✌🏻
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What I do love to see in the YA Contemporary field are thrillers, hauntings that can toe the line of horror without going overboard, rom-coms, friendship break ups, and grandparent relationships. I especially love to see all this with BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ characters. #mswl

Stefanie Molina
Literary Agent
Agent @ladderbirdlit | Freelance Editor | #SensitivityReader | she/her | baker-hiker-swimmer-musician

-BIPOC-led mysteries and thrillers, especially those with romantic and cozy *elements* even if you may not consider them fully cozy. e.g. there are dogs. there is a bakery. there is a fluffy tooth-rotting romance
-again, more BIPOC in the great outdoors