Ashley Reisinger
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I am pretty picky with my YA spec fic interests, and it's sort of an "I'll know it when I see it" situation. That being said, I tend toward contemporary fantasy, horror, and/or relatively grounded narratives that feature some kind of speculative twist (i.e.: CEMETERY BOYS).

Ashley Reisinger
Literary Agent
Book Hoarder | Canadian, eh? | Assistant Literary Agent @TriadaUS | Opinions My Own | She/Her

Here it is! The #MSWL thread!

The broadest strokes are that I'm looking for Adult romance; YA romcoms, contemporary, and the odd spec fic; and MG contemporary and fantasy. Specifics below.

Shannon Lechon
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Gothics and dark academia!! Please!! Whether they’re speculative or not, whether they lean more into horror or into romance, I’m very flexible with these two subgenres and want to see them all.

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#MSWL - some specifics but it doesn’t mean I’m not open to other things
F/F romances — especially adult romances
Historicals from underrepresented voices
Adult light fantasies
Feminist stories
Author/illustrator GN
Stories w/ speculative elements

Emily S. Keyes
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I'm still looking for my speculative retelling/reimagining of the life of Hatshepsut. #MSWL Just putting that after since I finally got to read "Iron Widow."

Rachel Stark
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Adult fiction: Literary and upmarket projects, speculative fiction, horror, mystery, psychological thrillers, domestic thrillers, magical realism/fabulism, Southern gothic, rom-coms

Erin Clyburn
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @HowlandLit // Copy Editor @foodandwine // Southerner // hiking & horror movies // she/her
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YA fiction: Horror, mystery, thriller, grounded stories with a speculative element, magical realism/fabulism, Southern gothic, rom-coms (heavy on the com)

Erin Clyburn
Literary Agent
Literary Agent @HowlandLit // Copy Editor @foodandwine // Southerner // hiking & horror movies // she/her
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Middle grade fiction: Horror, mystery, grounded stories with a speculative element, magical realism/fabulism, big-hearted contemporary, & adventure stories.

Sabrina Pyun
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@a_cochran is open for submissions! 🥳

Follow this thread to see his wish list!

📚GROUNDED SPECULATIVE FICTION - Something set in our world, but with a fantastical element at its core. This could be a strange phenomenon, revolutionary technology, or cataclysmic event... (1/5)

Kayla Lightner
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In honor of #MSWL day! I'd especially love to see more:
🌟Literary Speculative fiction with grit + heart
🌟Funny + incisive Book Club Fiction
🌟Deeply reported Narrative Nonfiction
🌟Gen-Z oriented Practical Nonfiction (about work, wellness, or money)…

James McGowan
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James McGowan @jmcgowanbks

I missed participating in the @bookendslit #MSWL Day round up due to meetings, but behold my #MSWL anyway... (1/5)

James is seeking upmarket/book club fiction, mystery, suspense and thrillers. Some things he is drawn to in a novel are commercial, high-concept plots, exciting settings, fast pacing, a fresh spin on a familiar trope, grounded speculative elements, rich prose (2/5) #MSWL

Sarah N Fisk
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Happy #MSWL day! You can see my wishlist here:… I'm looking for all MG and YA fiction (except graphic novels), adult romance, and adult anything-under-speculative-umbrella except hardcore horror #mg #ya #sff

Lauren Spieller
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My full #mswl can be found on the agency website but here’s what I’m especially looking for in 2023:

—Adult + YA RomCom that are FUNNY AF *or/and* Adult Romance w a magic/spec twist
—Suspense/Thrillers (we need more queer and POC rep in this category!)
—MG Fantasy! All kinds!

Lauren Bajek
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Oh hey it's #MSWL day! Here's a link to my new shiny page. TLDR: I want adult fiction that stretches my imagination, and connects me back to big chewy ideas in the real world. Fresh speculative fiction, philosophical SFFH, ambitious satires.…

Rachel Gilmer
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#MSWL: Light paranormal romance, especially paranormal romantic comedy
Gothic romance/Gothic fiction
Uplit, feel-good women’s fiction, especially with speculative elements
Dark/darkly funny women’s fiction and romantic comedy (think Love in the Time of Serial Killers)

Naomi Davis
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I still have a handful of older queries and submissions to read, but I'm officially open to queries again! Looking for crossover speculative fiction, thrillers and horror with speculative elements, and 2SLGBTQIA+ picture books from authors or author/illustrators! #MSWL

Carly Watters
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Fiction #mswl

For commercial fiction I liked BEACH READ, ONE TO WATCH. I want the genre to feel subverted in someway. A new hook.

I'm OK with lightly speculative fiction too like THIS TIME TOMORROW or THE TWELVE LIVES OF SAMUEL HAWLEY

Leila Campoli
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#MSWL Give me more speculative, weird stories about living in and around the ocean.