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Literary Agent @TriadaUS | Author of Books for Young Adults | Check my website for book info & query status. I love dogs like it's my job. She/Her
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My full #mswl can be found on the agency website but here’s what I’m especially looking for in 2023:

—Adult + YA RomCom that are FUNNY AF *or/and* Adult Romance w a magic/spec twist
—Suspense/Thrillers (we need more queer and POC rep in this category!)
—MG Fantasy! All kinds!

Kristina Sutton Lennon
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Executive Director at Focused Artists/ Director of Media Rights, Translation Rights Agent, Jr Lit Agent at Context Literary Agency/ Latiné

I’d love to see a VIDA in the Rom Com genre. And a Romantasy with Spanglish peppered in the text. Or a grittier, less polished BOLD TYPE! #MSWL

Ashley Lopez
Literary Agent
Agent @waxmanlit . Co-Founder @PigeonPagesNYC . Literature and Canine enthusiast. She/Her.
Replying to @WaxmanLit

Happy #MSWL Day! I’d love to see…

Generally fic that gets a little weird and makes me feel things (see Lisa Taddeo’s ANIMAL, Jessamine Chan’s THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD MOTHERS)

A YA crossover witchy or obsessive girlhood friendship

An unusual & chaotic contemp workplace romance

Samia-Juggling-Editing-And-Art Fakih
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Artist | Assistant Editor, First Second | She/Her | | Lebanese | author of “Letters to Broken People” |All opinions are my own 🌟 pic: @beckkubrick

It's #mswl day and as a forever-shojo-manga-lover, all I can think about is how much I want to work on more YA romance/drama. If you have graphic novel pitches that fall into that genre, send them my way!

Laura Zats
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Founder & Agent @HeadwaterLit . Host of the award-winning @printrunpodcast . Publishers Weekly industry MVP. She/her & Ms/Mx. Open to queries!
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I am a HUGE sucker for books that cross genres or that pull in familiar tropes from other genres. Want to put a heist inside a romance? Here for it. #MSWL

Laura Zats
Literary Agent
Founder & Agent @HeadwaterLit . Host of the award-winning @printrunpodcast . Publishers Weekly industry MVP. She/her & Ms/Mx. Open to queries!
212 MSWL
176 AskAgent
3124 Queries
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I'm closed to queries for the next couple months for dedicated reading time, but in honor of #MSWL Day I redid my MSWL! I am looking for all types of romance, SFF (plus horror), mysteries, thrillers, YA, and some small subsets of literary and commercial fiction!

Rachel Gilmer
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Tacos, dogs, and books, not necessarily in that order. Crafter in training. Coffee enthusiast. Assistant editor for @Sourcebooks . Opinions are my own.

#MSWL: Light paranormal romance, especially paranormal romantic comedy
Gothic romance/Gothic fiction
Uplit, feel-good women’s fiction, especially with speculative elements
Dark/darkly funny women’s fiction and romantic comedy (think Love in the Time of Serial Killers)

Assistant Editor
assistant editor | writer | sometimes actor | founding member, @LatinxinPub and @PocPub | BTS! BTS! | rep: @jcastillobooks | messaging and data rates may apply
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Norma @normajeanesays

your friendly reminder that i am looking for magical realism, gothic fiction, and horror #MSWL

oh, it’s #MSWL day! along with the below tweet, i’m into mysteries and thrillers, historical fiction, and LGBTQ romance or fiction with strong romantic elements 💕

Taj McCoy (she/her) says buy LOVE TIMES INFINITY!!
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Author, Agent (@reesagency), & Consultant. Out: SAVVY. Next: ZORA, 04.25.23 (MIRA), EVEN IF THE SKY IS FALLING, May 2023 (HQN). Rep: @Jemiscoe . 🖤🇹🇭🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈

And yes, give me romances and romcoms, but give me some substance outside of the romance itself––increase the stakes with external conflicts and complex side characters. #MSWL

Eric Smith
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Literary Agent (@PSLiterary), Author. Latest, YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAY (@InkyardPress) and JAGGED LITTLE PILL: THE NOVEL (@abramskids). Loves @BeautyBritches .
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Major #MSWL items for me now:

❤️ Stories that celebrate neurodiversity.

✨ Joyful novels, memoirs about the adoptee experience.

🪶 In-verse projects, kid-lit + adult!

💋 High concept rom-coms!

Examples? Follow @MargeauxWeston @bookdragonbooks @katefussner @tianasmithbooks.

Ali Herring
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Literary Agent, Spencerhill Associates. Twin mom+1 📚 Eclectic in life & books. I 💙 Jane Austen & SFF in equal doses. #TeamSpencerhill Ali-ens 👽 rock!
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Right now I'd really love to have more category romance written for lines like Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense. #MSWL

EditrixEmma (she/her) 🐀
Editor@HarlequinBooks (romantic suspense). 1st Reader poetry @OrionsBeltMag . Mostly editing, books, films, crafting, local politics. Views are my own. She/her.

It's #MSWL day! I've updated my profile over at Manuscript Wish List, so if you're writing suspenseful romance stories, please check it out and send your projects my way! Always open to questions if you have any.…

Monica Rodriguez 🇲🇽
Literary Agent
Creator of @findalovelylife + @findalovelybook • rep'd by @agenthenkin#writer @latinamediaco • Jr. Agent + Dir. of Brand Management at Context Literary

Sub genres I’m looking for:

Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Feminism, Film/TV, Folklore, Gothic Horror, Humor, Magical Realism, Multicultural, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy, Self-help, Social Issues, Study Abroad Stories, Time Travel, Travel

Stuti Telidevara
Literary Agent
she/her // @ParkandFine // former: @RavenLiterary @orbitbooks @TransLitAgency // opinions own

In adult romance, my big super-specific ask is for celebrity-centric fiction in the vein of THE VIEW IS EXHAUSTING, which I *loved*, and something like Starstruck on HBO Max/BBC.

Helen Lane
Literary Agent
Writer of fantasy and horror. Junior Literary Agent @BookerAlbertLit Hoarder of books. Murdery at heart. Tea obsessed. (She/her). Closed to submissions.

Helen Lane is hibernating for winter. @HFLane_writing

I will be reopening to queries on the 15th March.

I am having to make a few changes (partly for my workload and partly to make sure I am balancing my list).

The delay also gives me time to finish my remaining fulls before then.

1. I will open for a month only. (By doing it in controlled bursts I can make sure it doesn't overwhelm me).

2. Genres. I will be only opening to a few genres:

Action & Adventure (adult)

Thriller/ mystery: Adult and YA.

Fantasy YA.

Fantasy Romance Adult and YA.

Kristie Choi
Acquiring EA @ Atheneum (S&S) | she/her 🌈💗💛💙 최민지, Korean-Am, cottagecore meets a punky morbid grandma, waterbender, sex/kink-positive leftist Christian

Things I love in YA romances: queer love; sex-positivity; steaminess & tension; opposites attract (💜 stoic softies at heart); complex characters; discovering first love & lust; enemies or rivals to lovers; attraction (or battle) of minds; funny romantasy; dark gothic (2/)

Emily Forney
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Literary Agent @bookendslit • Undiscovered National Treasure • Neighborhood Book Bimbo • for #MSWL (she/her)
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🤍Adult Romance🤍
Contemporary college stories
Interconnected standalone series
Heartbreaking stories about young women finding their identities
Deals gone wrong
Marriage of convenience
Campy genre fiction
Fated mates

Darley Anderson Agency
Literary Agency
Darley Anderson Literary, TV/Film Agency -- OUR WRITERS MEAN BUSINESS -- For Children's: @DA_Childrens Insta:

The countdown is on to tomorrow's Valentine's #PitchtoDA We cannot WAIT to read your pitches for the next romance bestseller! Full details at the link below!… #amquerying #amwriting #onwriting #authorsoftwitter #mswl #romancebooks #booktok

Rebeka finch
Literary Agent
Junior Agent at Darley Anderson Agency. Obsessed with all things romance! The spicier the better. All views my own

I'm excited to be kicking off the weekend with a sneak peak at my #MSWL for this year! I'm on the hunt for for contemporary romantic fiction, specifically for the booktok hungry new adult, 20+ markets! #romancebooks #amquerying #amwritng @DA_Agency…

Darley Anderson Agency
Literary Agency
Darley Anderson Literary, TV/Film Agency -- OUR WRITERS MEAN BUSINESS -- For Children's: @DA_Childrens Insta:

Calling all BookTok lovers and romance writers! Rebeka Finch is looking for commercial romance fiction, specifically for the new adult/20+ market. Read her full wishlist at the link below!#MSWL #booktok #romancebooks #onwriting #amwriting #amquerying…