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Claire Friedman
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(Oh, I also love romance!! But it's a crowded market and it needs to have a big hook/ fresh perspective for me to fall in love!)

Claire Friedman
Literary Agent
Lit Agent @inkwellmgmt // Doesn't fully understand how to operate the Tweeter

Grounded genre fiction! I’m always craving books like ADDIE LA RUE or SERPENT & DOVE (two of my all-time faves!) for my list -- something with a lush setting, a big concept, and plenty of romance.

A.M. Rose call me Ann
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Cidney🌙🌌 is querying + drafting @CidneyMayes

@annmrose What book are you dying to see in your inbox?
Replying to @CidneyMayes

Compelling women’s fiction
Cozy fantasy
Speculative fiction
Badass historical women
Under represented voices
LGBTQIA+ romance
F/F romance

Anjanette Barr
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I lied. I am a SUCKER for a whirlwind YA love story/romcom. I am a hopeful romantic, I’m sorry. Please make my heart melt.😊

Assistant Editor
Assistant Editor @disneybooks for @readriordan & #freedomfire by day • Co-Founder @brownsugarlit by night • Part-time Workaholic • 🇬🇩🇯🇲 (tweetsmine)
Anissa Dorsey (she/her/Ella/elle)
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Liza DeBlock
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I am a sucker for books with romantic threads. Make me feel all the feels! This is more of a specific request, but I would die to see an amazing romcom set in F1 🏎️🏁 Fast cars. International jet setting romance. Yes. Please.

P.S. Literary Agency
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"I want unique, genre-blending romance novels. I wish I had worked on THE PLUS ONE by Sarah Archer or any of Roselle Lim’s breathtaking romantic contemporary fantasy novels. Give me an adult rom com in space, or with magic."
@ericsmithrocks #MSWL

katie gisondi (she/her)
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sub rights associate and lit agent at @LDLiterary 🤗

I literally love sports romance even though I know nothing about sports. can someone please send me a sports romance about olympians?! two gymnasts?! A skiier and a hockey player?! 😳 #mswl

Lisa Green Editor
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GUYS! No matter how amazing it is, I DON'T ACQUIRE CONTEMPORARY. Only fantasy or sci-fi (or any sub genre thereof) romance. What I REALLY want is a High heat, under 75K words. Things I'd love to see:
Why Choose?
Monster romance #MSWL

Tara Gilbert ✨
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I want to see more asexual, demisexual, gray ace, aromatic, and all the ace spectrum rep. More platonic relationships. Best friend romances. No sex, just cuddle romcoms. There just isn't enough. #MSWL

Fergus Inder
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Sarah Nicolas aka Sarah N Fisk
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Now that I'm open to queries, I'm especially hoping to find a clever, sexy romance. would also love to see more cozy-ish paranormal (especially genre crossover).

Not saying I'm not looking for the other genres, of course, these are just holes in my list I'd like to fill


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I am still totally great with historical romance, but find it difficult when historical romance is written with too much of a historical voice. It doesn’t quite read fluently and easily to me when the author is purposely trying to sound accurately historical to the period. #mswl

Literary Agent
Literary agent @MMLitAgency . Grotesquely optimistic. All views my own. ✨ No pitches via DM please ✨ She/her

On the romance side, I'm also really keen to represent a gorgeous destination romance writer. Something set in a holiday destination, anywhere in the world, so I can feel as though I've had a mini-break in a book. Bring that setting and that romance to life for me! #mswl