Katelyn Uplinger @KatelynUplinger · Aug 21

Katelyn Uplinger @KatelynUplinger

I feel like I haven't traveled enough outside of the US to have a definite fav yet, But my first favorite was the Jennie Wade house in Gettysburg as a tween because of the tragic love story. #HFChitChat twitter.com/hfchitchat/sta…

I want to add a historical fiction #MSWL as an agent for a story about Jennie Wade. Maybe one that switches between Jennie's tragic story and the present about a woman's experience with the legend surrounding the bullet hole in the door.

Phoebe Low is open to queries! @p_lowren · Aug 21

other things I like:
- banter!
- enemies to lovers!
- the slow burn!
- parents who aren't dead! #MSWL

Phoebe Low is open to queries! @p_lowren · Aug 21

Also, as de facto three crows in a skinsuit, I am inherently attracted to shiny, sharp prose re: anything by Madeline Miller, Tana French, Gillian Flynn, Catherynne Valente #MSWL

Phoebe Low is open to queries! @p_lowren · Aug 21

phoebe @p_lowren

heyo! seeing as I have not been smited yet for taking queries, I thought I'd thread a #MSWL here because searchable:

I'd love to see more spec fic from underrepresented / marginalized voices! All-time favorites include Jade City/Jade War, This Is How You Lose the Time War, and Oculus by Sally Wen Mao #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · Aug 21

Thinking about The Family Stone (MASSIVELY underrated) and how much I would love to edit a romance with that kind of complex, emotional family dynamic. #mswl

Bridget Smith @bredalot · Aug 21

Sarah 💫 @Harriet_Vane_

Homeopathy is obviously fake but swallowing pieces of the Berlin Wall to break down one's own emotional barriers is astonishingly poetic and the beginning of a GREAT SFF story. theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/s…

Hello yes if you (someone who is not Sarah, who is represented by my MORTAL ENEMY) write this book, please send it to me, I am extremely into turning history into magic and also all the weight attached to ancient buildings. #mswl

Melissa Edwards @MelissaLaurenE · Aug 21

Here I stand, speaking my truest desire into the universe:


(don't forget the com, the com is important)

beth phelan (closed to unsolicited queries) @beth_phelan · Aug 21

if anyone has a MG or YA with a PROTAGONIST who has ADHD, i'd love to see it. in particular, a type that isn't the more commonly associated hyperactive but features the inattentiveness, procrastination, disorganized thoughts, etc. would be open to realistic or fantasy #MSWL

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Aug 21

Fawzia Mirza @thefawz

Muslim women - I’m developing a show about us. What would you like to see?????

Replying to @thefawz

intersectional muslims; joyful, largely unconfused muslims; muslims who aren't afraid to acknowledge and/or critique the problematic natures of many prominently accepted beliefs and practices within the community #mswl

Erica @LiteraryErica · Aug 21

I've had a few people ask if I accept MG queries, yes, I do! Even if they include elements of Fantasy.

#Query: querymanager.com/query/ericachr…

However, I am NOT a fit for: Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Historical Romance. #mswl #WritingCommunity #MGauthor #KidLit #literaryagent

Alice S-H @alibelle · Aug 21

I'm particularly keen to hear from marginalised voices across all genres (except horror) and age ranges from CB to NA. #mswl

Alice S-H @alibelle · Aug 21

Cleared my reading list and caught up on submissions! I'm hungry to read more across chapter books to New Adult, including graphic novels. All genres except horror!

#mswl #amreading