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I ask a lot of questions. Art school grad. Lawful Good. Literary #Agentry at @StonesongNYC . Conservation volunteer @MorganLibrary . Silence is not peace.

Jersey City, NJ


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Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba

good morning to a new era of socially distant meet cutes

#MSWL, no pandemic strictly required. :)

TBH #MSWL to any mix-up, near-miss, semi-anonymous romance plot. Did they meet over the phone on the tech support hotline? Incredible. The new contractor in the remote office who's funny on Slack but has no social media/photo? Love that.

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“We’ve made prison a place of starkness, idleness, a place without purpose. Then we’re confused where people get out and they don’t make it. I think that is on us.”…

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Max Read @max_read

I bet this was cool as hell…

A book set just before and during a situation like this would be amazing. Exploring the upending of an established landscape as both catastrophe and renewal through some human stories would be entirely my jam. #MSWL

Alyssa Jennette is closed to queries! @AlyssaJennette · 24 Nov 2019

I'm interested in a novel that explores the complexities of surrogacy—how the possibility arises, how the decision is made, how it affects relationships, why someone would choose to carry the pregnancy, etc. #MSWL

Alyssa Jennette is closed to queries! @AlyssaJennette · 26 Sep 2019

I am very aware that some teens are having sex, but please give me teens who are just trying to touch one (1) breast. #MSWL