Katelyn Uplinger @KatelynUplinger · Apr 12

Katelyn Uplinger @KatelynUplinger

Wish List Update katelynuplinger.com/2019/04/12/wis… pic.twitter.com/r5PDt5krCQ

My updated wish list for those considering #amquerying me. Covers everything from SFF to historical and romance. Pretty much everything I've recently tweeted a #mswl about or wanted to.

Cate Hart @CateHart · Apr 12

You guys I am at the 90% mark of The Huntress and next I'm reading We Rule the Night to feed my Night Witches obsession. But what I'd really love to find #MSWL is adult and YA ft other female pilots - hello Bessie Coleman - whether historical or fantasy

Ali Fisher @AliFisher · Apr 12

Tor.com @tordotcom

Tom Doherty Associates Announces Nightfire, a New Horror Imprint: tor.com/2019/04/12/tom… @torbooks @TorDotComPub

ANNOUNCING NIGHTFIRE! Very excited and eager to be acquiring for our new horror imprint. Agents, send me your scary stuff! 💀💀 #mswl

Lindsay Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · Apr 12

Give me your Millennial domestic thrillers! #MSWL

Hali Baumstein @halibaumstein · Apr 12

For picture books, I gravitate toward quirky, funny, offbeat, and clever stories that center on a memorable character(s) or weave in deeper themes about friendship, mental health, etc. I'd love to find author-illustrators who can capture that sensibility in both text & art. #MSWL

Hali Baumstein @halibaumstein · Apr 12

I also enjoy a good thriller (Murderino here!), but I’d love to see a unique way into the story that will set it apart from what's out there. Always seeking good unreliable narrators! #MSWL

Hali Baumstein @halibaumstein · Apr 12

I’d also love to find some hooky YA contemporary! In addition to my dream of finding a Jewish rom-com, I’ve also loved reads like Fangirl, Geekerella, and Simon Vs. with fully realized characters and fun hooks (themes of nerd/pop/fandom culture always interests me, too!). #MSWL

Hali Baumstein @halibaumstein · Apr 12

And in YA fantasy, I’m always looking for a lush, fully realized world that feels fresh and new somehow—but also for compelling characters who will root the reader in the story. I’m always game for a really inventive, smart magic system, too. #MSWL

Hali Baumstein @halibaumstein · Apr 12

Fantasy was my first love as a reader, so I'm always seeking that in MG & YA, too! On the MG side, I'd love to find "modern-feeling classics" that evoke the spirit of Ella Enchanted, or humorous, wry voices in the Dealing with Dragons vein. #MSWL

Hali Baumstein @halibaumstein · Apr 12

I'd also love to find mind-bendy, genre twisting stories that feel in the vein of my recent Netflix obsessions Black Mirror, Russian Doll, The OA, and Dark. That obviously includes a huge range, but they're all contemporary-rooted stories with speculative elements woven in. #MSWL

Hali Baumstein @halibaumstein · Apr 12

In tandem with that, I just wached the series finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and I really loved the way Rachel Bloom wove Rebecca Bunch’s Judaism into a bigger narrative (and of course, THE MUSICAL NUMBERS)—I’d love a book about a teen version of that character! #MSWL

Hali Baumstein @halibaumstein · Apr 12

Firstly, I'm really eager to find more Jewish voices, across categories & genres. I have a stronger interest in contemporary (for YA, rom-coms included!) or sci-fi/fantasy stories that features Jewish characters. I've found I'm not usually the right person for historical. #MSWL

Hali Baumstein @halibaumstein · Apr 12

Hey agents! I'm raring to acquire lots of new and exciting projects at the moment (PB through YA), so I'm going to post my latest #MSWL today.(authors, as a heads up, I don't accepted unsolicited subs at this time!)

Jennifer A. Grimaldi @JA_Grimaldi · Apr 12

I want to be terrified but also crying?The best horror cracks me open like a nut.