Elizabeth Lee @EleeReads · Jun 10

I'm binge-watching #Outerbanks this week, and would LOVE LOVE LOVE a YA mystery / adventure featuring a diverse group of friends and of course, heaps of romance. #mswl

Meg Reid @megireid · Jun 10

Meg Reid @megireid

Final warning: I am actively searching for a literary CNF book by a writer of color. Needs to be literary & about the South. Open until midnight for already completed projects for 2020. As always: my inbox is open for chats about in-progress works. @WritersofColor @HubCityPress

I have some new followers! Here's a tweet that sums up my perennial #MSWL for @HubCityPress. We are a small press (no $800k advances here) but endeavor to maintain a curated list to be sure our titles are as well-supported as we can manage with a tiny staff.

Dina Davis @DinaJDavis · Jun 10

If any BIPOC authors would like to submit to any of these options, my DMs are open for questions or pitches. #mswl

Dina Davis @DinaJDavis · Jun 10

Also, I'm acquiring for the new LI Trade program, which will publish inspirational books in these genres: Romantic Suspense, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Women’s Fiction and Amish Fiction. I'd love to see agented submissions for this from BIPOC authors #mswl

Dina Davis @DinaJDavis · Jun 10

I'd also really love to see submissions for Love Inspired (bit.ly/3cRS25B) and Love Inspired Suspense (bit.ly/3cRGDCO) from BIPOC authors. #mswl

Dina Davis @DinaJDavis · Jun 10

I'd love to see some inspirational historical romance manuscripts from BIPOC authors. You can check our guidelines and submit here: harlequin.submittable.com/submit/161372/… #mswl

Amy Giuffrida @kissedbyink · Jun 10

I cannot wait to see some amazing queries in my inbox! Want to see what’s on my #MSWL? See my page on jdlit.com ❤️ #amagenting #writingcommunity #amreading

Erin Clyburn @erin_clyburn · Jun 10

Morning, y'all! An update to my #MSWL:

I'm no longer accepting queries for picture books or chapter books. I'm going to focus on MG, YA, & adult fic & nonfic. Check out my fresh new list & see if we might be a match.

#writingcommunity #amquerying


Cat Clyne @CatClyne · Jun 10

Today through Labor Day, the editors at Harlequin’s *HQN* Books are accepting unagented submissions from Black writers. HQN publishes all sub-genres of romance and romantic women’s fiction. Read more about HQN Books here: hqnbooks.com. THREAD: 1/3

Chip Rice @WCRice3D · Jun 10

I am closing to queries until September, at which time I'll provide an updated #MSWL. If you queried me prior to this tweet, I will still respond. Enjoy your summer #WritingCommunity.

Tara is open to queries 🌈🦄 @Literary_Tara · Jun 10

Charley Hall @Charleywriting

Guys fuck hogwarts houses. What from your current WIP could people sort themselves into? #amwriting

And with this in mind, I'd love to see books with sorting systems or the like. It's one of my favorites things. Hunger Game districts, Percy Jackson demi-god parents, Vampire Academy elementals, also ATLA elements, and so many more. #MSWL