Carolina Ortiz @pushthepanorama · Apr 17

Agent friends! Please know that I would love to see more middle grade, young adult, and graphic novel projects from trans women and trans POC #mswl

Christina Miller @chrissymiller__ · Apr 17

#MSWL Outside of romance, I'm especially interested in historical fiction with strong female leads focusing on the Pre-Industrial world. Think Bernard Cornwell, Elisabeth Storrs, Sharon Kay Penman...

Zabé/Z.R. Ellor @ZREllor · Apr 17

#MSWL I'm really eagerly looking for projects by trans women and femmes; PLEASE send these my way if they're in a category I represent!!!

Lori Steel is open to queries @Bookishsort · Apr 17

Currently seeking contemporary MG/YA stories with distinct voices, unique perspectives & compelling stories. Representation matters. Actively seeking POC and diverse voice submissions. #amquerying #amwriting #kidlit #mswl

Stephanie Winter @readbystephanie · Apr 17

#MSWL Within romcoms, I’m looking for:
-diverse leads
-characters with clear entrepreneurial goals
-STEM components and smart characters
-small cozy towns or international travel

Clelia Gore @MadmoiselleClel · Apr 16

A reminder to all you aspiring #mg authors right now that I am spending this year building up my middle grade clientele. I'd love to spend this dreary quarantine time getting lost in enrapturing stories and narratives. Send me all your fiction, nonfiction and graphic MG! #mswl

Ali Herring (is closed to queries) @HerringAli · Apr 16

Ali Herring @HerringAli

The “rat invasion” part of this story was pretty scary (not intended to be by the author) but still the thought ... unsettling.…

Remember MRS. FRISBY & THE RATS OF NIMH? I’m not much for animal protagonists but if you can give me RATS OF NY, entrenched societies, famine, turf wars, kings, democracies, dictators, but a FRISBY w/heart & make it a little scary & 3D world building, I might be in. #MSWL

Samantha Wekstein @SWekstein · Apr 16

Looking for more high concept, diverse, adult rom-coms! Must be funny. Must have a good hook. #MSWL

Sarah McCabe @sarahrmccabe · Apr 16

This pandemic is hitting all of us differently on an emotional level, I know, but it's kind of making me crave stories about people worse off than we are... Does this make me a bad person?

Even so, I'd love to see more apocalyptic survival stories in my submissions box! #mswl

Tacky Rhino @TachyonRhino · Apr 16

Agents, we are still taking submissions! We are slower than usual, but we will get caught up! We really should have a #MSWL but for now you will just have to toss your authors at us in this raging cagefight that is our submissions pit.

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Apr 16

“I particularly enjoy nonfiction books in the following categories: pop culture, science, design, and lifestyle.” @msmariavicente #MSWL

Stephanie Winter @readbystephanie · Apr 15

#MSWL GNs that:
-play with myths, magic, the elements
-have strong female characters
-feature heartwarming story arcs
-have a strong use of color
In short, if you have a GN, pitch me!