Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · 24 Sep 2019

As always, I'm looking for YA across all genres.

I'm especially looking for LGBTQ+ reads and smart horror.

See (and buy!) the collected works of @Kim_Liggett @tomryanauthor and @AdamSilvera for great comps. #MSWL

Dorian Maffei @DorianMaffei · 24 Sep 2019

Give me creepy, whether YA or Adult. I'll keep asking for horror until I get it! Less gore and more psychological #MSWL

Kiki Nguyen @kianangu · 24 Sep 2019

A #mswl CRAVING for horror in YA and Adult. I love haunting, meaty narratives like SAWKILL GIRLS, sleepy and dreamy lore like THE WICKED DEEP, the creepy witchy nightmare of #MarianneNetflix. If it has a romance element, MAKE IT GAY. #mswl

Happy HollZABÉs ⛄️🌲❄️ @ZREllor · 24 Sep 2019

#MSWL HORROR. Especially if you can comp The Luminous Dead

Annie Bomke @ABLiterary · 24 Sep 2019

For YA, I love mysteries, historical, contemporary, magical realism, psychological/literary horror, contemporary w/ a very light speculative touch. I love funny books, I love serious books. #MSWL

Annie Bomke @ABLiterary · 24 Sep 2019

I want psychological, literary horror that focuses on the characters and their relationships. #MSWL

Annie Bomke @ABLiterary · 24 Sep 2019

I like books that combine genres. Like I would love a horror western or a mystery with magical realism. #MSWL

Erin Clyburn @erin_clyburn · 24 Sep 2019

I want to see YA or adult horror/spec fic that's deeply rooted in character (We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Baby Teeth). A lyrical spec fic like The Dreamers. I am forever dying for something you could comp to Never Let Me Go. #MSWL

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · 24 Sep 2019

Dark fantasy or magical realism à la Pan’s Labryinth is another love of mine. I’ve been reading the novelization by Guillermo del Toro and Cornelia Funke, and it has that creepy, ethereal feel of magical realism and folklore mixed with a dash of horror. #MSWL Again YA/MG ONLY.

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · 24 Sep 2019

I'm still building my MG list. Send me your MG projects!!! I'm also looking for YA contemporary, especially #OwnVoices and/or #diversity. And I really, really want more adult thrillers, horror, rom-coms, and contemporary romances. #MSWL 2/2 #writingcommunity #amquerying

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · 24 Sep 2019

I'm seeking: Adult: suspense/thrillers, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary romance, rom-com, & mysteries. YA: suspense/ thrillers, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, mysteries, & contemporary. MG: Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary, adventure, mysteries, & humor. #diversity #MSWL 1/2

jen says buy SICK KIDS IN LOVE @bookavid · 24 Sep 2019

4) speculative YA Horror

Please. I beg you. I like anything not involving mental illness. I just want spooky stuff. Especially ghosts! Pls feed me 👻 #mswl

Rena *THE SISTERS OF THE WINTER WOOD* Rossner @renarossner · 24 Sep 2019

Also in my #MSWL: thrillers, especially dark ones. Horror, especially horror/fantasy. (In all genres: MG, YA and Adult)

Ali Herring @HerringAli · 24 Sep 2019

Horror & horror. All types & ages (mg, ya, adult). Could be super scary. Psychological. Thriller. Mystery. Warm Bodies-esque. Odd Thomas-esque. Any way you slice it. #MSWL

maria vicente @msmariavicente · 24 Sep 2019

When it comes to graphic novels (for all ages—MG, YA, or Adult), most of the submissions I receive are fantasy. I would love to work on more realistic stories. Maybe even some horror! #MSWL

Susan, A Graham @Grahamophones · 24 Sep 2019

My #mswl hasn't changed - still wanting books about clowns & queerness related to trickster figures, still wanting all types of found families, still wanting MG horror & spoop, I would LOVE more picture book illustrators, & a comedic YA protag coping w ED (incidental, not plot).

Erica Bauman (Closed to Queries) @Erica_Bauman · 24 Sep 2019

YA Horror where the thing to fear is more than just a dude with a machete. Something chilling and lurking, like It Follows or The Babadook. #MSWL

Jenn Snyder @jasnyder92 · 24 Sep 2019

Really would love some queer horror--whether that's horror featuring queer characters, horror used to explore concepts of queerness, or both! Non-queer horror also welcome, especially that which hovers on the edge of suspense/horror genres #mswl

maria vicente @msmariavicente · 24 Sep 2019

And to round out my Middle Grade #MSWL with some speculative items: chilling horror is always my jam, and I want to read your luscious, weird, wow-this-worldbuilding-is-fantastic fantasies.