Cate Hart @CateHart · Mar 9

I just finished watching The Favourite and I have so many #MSWL wants. I want powerful women in historicals, as opposed to empowered, with power plays and antics, friendships and romance, deep nuanced character relationships and falling outs.

Kate Nash @katenashagent · Mar 7

"Whether historical or contemporary, I don’t see enough... life or death drama coming in on submission, and I’d love to." I spoke to @histnovel for the @histnovsoc magazine #MSWL #literaryagent #askagent historicalnovelsociety.org/ask-the-agent-…

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · Mar 4

I'd love to see more historical fiction in general. #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Feb 25

"Historical novels where plot & setting have to work together i.e. NIGHTINGALE, ARCADIA, GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND. I want a very plotty historical. Beatriz Xilliams-Esque." @carlywatters #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Feb 24

“YA like MY LADY JANE or GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE—playing with historical w/a fun, contemporary voice.” @kurestinarmada #MSWL psliterary.com/submissions/

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Feb 22

Anyone wanna give me a historical fiction on Madame de Pompadour? So wanting that right now #MSWL

Sarah Hornsley (née Manning) @SarahHornsley · Feb 21

There are lots of things I'm on the lookout for, but right now I'd *really* love to find a high-concept crime/thriller, a love story and an upmarket historical #MSWL

Katelyn Uplinger @KatelynUplinger · Feb 15

I love historical fiction but it's an extremely tough market right now. My #mswl is historical that crosses heavily with other genres including romance, fantasy, mystery, and horror in adult and #YA.

ZR/Zabé Ellor @ZREllor · Feb 14

#MSWL Historical YA (not open to adult yet!) about trans/nonbinary characters, by trans/nonbinary authors