Kelsey Horton
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I am actively building my list right now. I’m looking for high concept contemporary romances, moving middle grade novels, and thrillers that feel teen #mswl

Stephanie Stein
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3) High-concept YA contemporary or contemporary-with-a-twist, especially if it comes with an irreverent, self-referentially funny voice. Sarcastic or endearingly self-deprecating humor to the front of the line. I love a protagonist who feels like a co-conspirator.

Megan Carroll
Literary Agent
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Megan Carroll @MeganACarroll

We are reopening our #submissions tomorrow (eeeek!) so I thought I’d go through what I’m looking for this year in a hopefully helpful thread. #MSWL

In fiction I’d love to see high concept love stories for both commercial and reading group/literary crossover readers. I’m keen to see historical fiction and gothic horror - think Stacey Halls, Laura Purcell and Bridget Collins.

Peter Knapp
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#MSWL - MG series with big concepts and high stakes. Think NEVERMOOR, THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL, upcoming AMARI & THE NIGHT BROTHERS, etc.

Mara Delgado-Sánchez
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I’m looking for YA fantasy that is ownvoices/by marginalized voices! MENA authors, Black authors, queer authors, send me some! I love commercial fiction that’s character driven, with voice that drips off the page, high concept and tightly plotted. I’m an avid fantasy reader #MSWL

Liesa Abrams
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On the YA side, whether fantastical or realistic, I gravitate toward books w/ high concept hooks and stories anchored in themes of identity, sexuality, & loss & grief. (Grief & sex can be complex labyrinths to navigate, as we know...).

Susan Hawk
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Time for a #MSWL update! When it comes to genre, I’m omnivorous. In #MG and #YA, I’m especially hungry for:

High-concept genre elements combined with literary writing and an exploration of timeless themes.

Genre mash-ups! Give me that...

Mandy Hubbard
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“LGBTQIA+ novel in the vein of ONE DAY (high concept, unique structure, deep and sweeping love story).” @carlywatters #MSWL

Megan Carroll
Literary Agent
Essex Girl ft. Ireland, Burma & India. Literary Agent at @watsonlittle , @GoldsmithsUoL Alum, pro-choice, TV binge watcher & compulsive reader 👩🏼‍🦰 (she/her)

I would loveeee to see some high concept love stories in my submissions inbox, please and thanks! #MSWL #wishlist #submissions

LBA Literary Agency
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Good morning #amquerying writers! Amanda has re-opened to submissions - if you've got a high-concept thriller, a sweeping love story, or a conversation-starter for book clubs, she'd love to see it!

More info on Amanda's #mswl can be found here:…

Hattie Grunewald
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I'm not the right agent for fantasy and sci-fi, but I am not opposed to novels with a slight speculative twist. I'm interested in high concept love stories with a magical or techy element.

Natascha Morris
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As any good fantasy nerd, I love fantasy. In MG and YA, but I am picky nowadays. So it has to feel different. But give me high concept stories. Give me beautiful writing. Give me morally complex characters. #MSWL

Jessica Mileo
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#amquerying writers: I'm really in the mood for high concept (i.e. emphasis on plot) romances/women's fic with HEA, especially stories where the romantic interest is perceived to be the obstacle to the protagonist's goals and we get all that delicious tension 😍 #mswl

Alice Williams
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Lauren Spieller
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I’m only open to queries for a few more days (closing 8/15!). Here is what is at the top of my wishlist:

-High concept middle grade
-LatinX YA
-kidlit graphic novels
-Adult RomCom w a great hook
-Adult female driven suspense + thrillers